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We’re marketers just like you! We know and understand the issues, the problems, and the “gotta get it done now” time crunch you face.

To help you on all fronts, you and your Audience Delivery Specialist at FrontGate Media can create a completely custom promotion around your product or service.

Do you want to reach 200,000 concert goers? How about 50,000 worship leaders? Better yet… 1,000,000 qualified internet users?

Beyond the Media Kit! 
We can help you execute any promotion you can think up, online, in print and at events. Starting from our exclusive Media Kits, a custom promotion can include completely unique executions, editorial, advertorial, and other options in addition to traditional advertising—all strategically combined together to maximize your effectiveness.

It’s just another great benefit you receive by working with your Audience Delivery Specialist at FrontGate Media. It comes from working with a fellow marketer rather than an ad sales guy…

Here’s just one example of this process in action…

Thirsty Bible by Tyndale PublishingWhen Tyndale launched their teen line Thirsty, their consultant and marketing team came to us. They made us their Intern.

To paraphrase, they said “Hey FrontGate Media, we’re launching a new book line targeted to teens. We’re going to start a branding campaign this Summer. We have sample chapters from the first several books and authors. We’re looking at using the theme ‘Are you Thirsty?’ Ideas?” … and so began the brainstorming session.

The end result?

After coming up with several ideas together, everyone liked the idea of promoting at the Summer Festivals the best.

The campaign included nightly teaser commercials on the massive JumboTron Screens in primetime slots at the mainstages which were viewed by almost a half-a-million people. Exhibit booths on site at the events introduced the line personally to festival attendees daily from sun up to the moonlight hours. An ad in the event program provided repeated touch points driving attendees to the exhibit booth. The exhibit booth team was passing out sample chapters and collecting audience contact information for later promotional use.

So what made this promotion go over the top? Festivals and concerts are many times hot and dusty affairs. At each event, we had Tyndale staffers suit up with SuperSoaker backpacks.

They walked around the festival grounds all day, soaking down the more-than-willing festival attendees, then tattooing them with an “Are You Thirsty?” tattoo!  That message was the theme of the entire on-site campaign.

Talk about mobile advertising! Can you imagine tens-of-thousands of people willingly wearing your logo?

The combined effect of the JumboTron ads, the aggressive exhibit booth strategy and event program ad along with the SuperSoaker staffers was clearly visible as you watched the number of tattooed “Are You Thirsty?” festival attendees grow daily, totaling into the thousands… This in turn created a huge launch success for Tyndale’s new line.


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