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Send The Light Distribution & the Covenant Group Coordinate On Church Resource Marketing Program

Send The Light Distribution, a leading distributor of products serving Christian retail stores, and the Covenant Group, long noted for its creative marketing and promotional programs, have launched a cooperative program to assist independent Christian retail stores as they seek to grow their church resource business, and serve their local churches more effectively.

Chuck Wallington, President of the Covenant Group stated, “This new program, entitled “Ignite”, will enable stores to ignite sales to churches by supplying them with an industry-leading annual church supplies catalog featuring more than 200 pages of resources especially geared to the needs of the local church.  In addition, three supplemental seasonal flyers give the retailer a comprehensive and year-round program to stay in contact with the churches they serve.  Best of all, stores can get all or part of the cost of these catalogs and the associated flyers completely offset with free product from STL Distribution.  Stores can literally have a turn-key program, at little or no final out-of-pocket cost!”

Mark Phillips, VP of Sales & Marketing for Send The Light Distribution added, “This program will enable the retailers we serve to effectively communicate to the churches they serve that they have the products they need, and do so at virtually no cost to the retailer with the free goods offset.  We are excited to work with Covenant Group to provide their excellent and proven marketing materials to our customers, especially coupled with this unique offer that reimburses the store for most or all of their costs.”

Ignite is an innovative program that allows retailers to receive a starter package of the 2015-2016 Church Supplies Catalog (published in late August, 2015), and an identical quantity of each of the three seasonal church resource flyers for a set fee.  The fee is then completely offset with a free allotment of the Lumen Disposable Communion Cups that the retailer receives as reimbursement of the program cost.  For more information, retailers can contact their Send The Light Distribution telephone sales representative at 800-289-2772.  This special offer will remain in place through April 30, 2015.

For over 30 years, Covenant Group has provided an array of marketing and promotional services to independent Christian retailers of all sizes, including print and digital catalogs and flyers, in-store promotional aids, digital marketing services, and a burgeoning branded website network; all that allow retailers to both serve and inform the consumers and churches they serve with state-of-the-art tools and resources.  For more information, contact or visit Covenant Group is based in Spartanburg, SC.

For over 40 years Send The Light Distribution has been the leading supplier of Bibles, Gifts, Church Supplies, Homeschool, Toys and Books in North America and is based in  Tri-Cities, Tennessee.