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Seaway Printing Now Binding Books at Greater Speed
New saddle stitcher from Hohner is first installation in U.S.

Green Bay, WIs., February 23, 2017 – Seaway Printing, a leading short-run book and magazine printer, has installed a Hohner HSB 9000 saddle stitcher in its Green Bay, Wisconsin facility.  The first of its kind to be installed in the U.S., the stitcher is a semi-automatic solution for small and medium-run publications.

The Hohner HSB 9000 is a German-designed and manufactured saddle stitcher, first introduced in May 2016. Seaway Printing is Hohner’s first U.S.-based installation for the stitcher.

“We’re proud to partner with Hohner on this project. The HSB 9000 is a perfect fit for our clients’ projects,” said Kevin Heslin, president of Seaway Printing. “Seaway has a long history of being early adopters, so when we see technology that will better service our customers, we’re all-in.”

The HSB 9000 features fast, tool-less operation. Operators can set up jobs and change settings immediately, using intuitive touchscreen controls or a radio remote control. This saves labor costs and allows more jobs to be completed per hour.

Seaway produced 1,000,000 magazines in the HSB 9000’s first three weeks of production, with set up times running 50 percent less than with its previous stitcher.

“This installation reinforces our position as a leading short-run book and magazine printer. This new equipment will enable us to keep pace with demand while maintaining a high level of flexibility,” said Heslin. “We are experiencing increased workload, and that’s driving continued investment in our print facility.”

The Hohner HSB 9000 matches the largest and smallest bindery capabilities on the market, with a maximum publication size of 14.17″ x 13.38″ and minimum dimensions of 4.13″ x 2.95″. Engineered to support exceptional quality control and net output, the HBS 9000’s extra wide feed drums help prevent dropped signatures while detection eyes prevent non-compliant books.

A choice of mix-and-match feeder pockets allows for accurate feeding of a wide range of substrates. And, a heavy duty, vibration free trimmer prevents product marking and provides extended life to the saddle stitcher.

“We chose the HSB 9000 to reduce setup times and give us more production capacity,” said Heslin, president of Seaway Printing.  “We simply outgrew our previous stitching line. The HSB 9000 is robust, efficient, and produces the sales-ready product our magazine and publication customers need. It’s the perfect solution.”

In addition to the HSB 9000, Seaway also installed a Foldnak 40 compact booklet maker, capable of producing up to 1,500 booklets per hour.

Seaway Printing Company is a short-run book and publication printer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Established in 1884, the award-winning printer specializes in books, booklets, manuals and publications for associations, publishers and manufacturers.