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Royalties revolutionized as MetaComet unveils new Royalty Tracker platform

MetaComet® Systems is delighted to present its cutting edge Royalty Tracker®, a state-of-the-art platform that provides publishers with the highest level of royalty automation available.

The platform combines MetaComet’s 21 years of experience with feedback from over 130 customers and the latest technologies, to make royalty management easier, faster and more intuitive than ever. MetaComet has now onboarded the first users of the revamped platform, who are enjoying major benefits including:

  • Rapid and fully automated processing of royalty calculations from sales files, with the capacity to handle millions of transactions every day
  • A completely overhauled user interface for intuitive navigation
  • Exceptional accuracy of calculations with powerful audit tools for peace of mind
  • The fastest implementation speeds available, with one 1,000-title publisher going live in just three weeks
  • State-of-the-art reporting features for crystal-clear visibility of royalties and sales
  • Seamless integration with other systems and leading payment platforms including NetSuite, Dynamics, QuickBooks, Exactuals and more.

By automating and accelerating every stage of royalty management, Royalty Tracker dramatically reduces the time businesses spend on calculations. It also fosters excellent relationships with royalty recipients, who can access timely, easily understood and fully customized statements online.

Over 30 publishers will be using the new iteration of Royalty Tracker by year-end, using a fast and easy ‘MetaGoLive’ implementation process that requires no technical expertise and is backed by expert support throughout.

David Marlin, President of MetaComet Systems, says: “Our dream has been to achieve push-button™ royalties, and this new platform brings that close to reality. We’re proud and excited to be introducing the benefits of the new Royalty Tracker to our valued clients around the world. We’ve built this new platform from the bottom up, and made multiple aspects better, faster and simpler. MetaComet has always been motivated by the goal of turning royalty management from a laborious chore into a painless procedure, and with the new Royalty Tracker we’re saving businesses more time and money than ever before.”

About MetaComet Systems
MetaComet Systems is a best-in-class provider of royalty management solutions for publishers worldwide. It works with more than 130 publishers of all sizes to provide publishing-specific tools that make every stage of the royalty accounting process more efficient, helping to reduce workload, eliminate errors, generate additional rights income and improve author relations. Beyond its market-leading cloud-based software, MetaComet provides a suite of customer support resources.

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