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Video marketing is trending, and for good reason. Consumers are increasingly interested in learning about organizations and their offerings by watching a video. In fact, in a 2021 study, nearly 70% of consumers said they would rather watch a short video about a brand or product than read about it. The same study found that 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product or service by watching a brand’s video. So what does this mean for Chrisitan marketers looking to further connect with their audience and increase conversions? It means it’s time to have a video placement on your website homepage. 

What are the Benefits of Video Placement?

Nearly 80% of organizations say that having a video marketing strategy has substantially increased their leads and sales because videos do these three main things: 

Video Increases Website Traffic 

You probably have heard of SEO which is short for search engine optimization. But have you ever heard of VSEO or video search engine optimization? When you have a video on your website, you can optimize it to help increase your organic website traffic from search engines. When done correctly, a video can actually have a significant impact on your overall SEO strategy through links and social shares. 

Video Increases Engagement

As noted above, videos increase consumer engagement with your brand because website visitors are more likely to engage with your content when they get to watch a video about something instead of read about it. Now does this mean you shouldn’t have any written copy on your website and turn everything into a video? Not at all. But it does speak to the importance of diversifying the ways consumers can engage with your brand. Give them options, so they can choose what is most interesting to them.  

Video Increases Time Spent on Your Website 

Do you know the average session duration for your website? This is the amount of time a website visitor spends on your site. The more time they spend with you, the more impact you are making on them. In general, if your website sessions are between 2-3 minutes, you are doing something right. Having a video on your website is an easy way to increase this number. 

For example, if you place a 1.5-minute video on your homepage, you increase the likelihood of a consumer spending additional time on your site to watch the video. Plus, if the content is interesting and engaging, it may encourage them to stay and browse your offerings even longer. 

Where to Place Videos on Your Website?

There are many pages on your website where you can use video to enhance engagement––your “About” page, product pages, blog posts. But one of the best pages for video placement is your homepage. 

Your homepage is the first impression you give your target audience. It is the initial place they go to learn more about your brand. So, why not give them what they want and give them a video?

Homepage Explainer Video

An “explainer video” gives a high-level overview of your company or organization, and having one on the homepage of your website will produce results. In this video, you can share more about your cause or for-profit brand, your mission, and how you help others through the services, products and resources you offer. As the name suggests, the video should explain who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Explainer videos are not only the most common type of video marketing content, but they are also one of the most effective. 

A recent study found that 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a brand. That’s a big number, and it speaks volumes about how important it is to have a video placement on your homepage. 

Homepage Video Placement Tips for Success

If you are a Christian brand looking to use a video placement on your homepage to further reach and engage your target audience, follow these 4 tips for creating a great explainer video.

1. Speak to Your Christian Audience

Remember, YOUR homepage video is designed to engage YOUR audience. It is important to make sure the content is relevant and interesting to them. Speak directly to them and immerse them in the video by using words like “you” and “your.

2. Start with a Strong Story 

If your video doesn’t immediately engage your audience, there’s a good chance they won’t watch it through to the end. So, start with a strong, emotionally compelling story or image to instantly capture their attention.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

While a homepage video placement is a great way to keep your audience on your website longer, there is such a thing as too long. Keep your homepage video to two minutes or less for optimal viewing.

4. Write a Script and Practice It

Because your homepage video might be the first taste someone gets of your brand, you want it to look and sound professional. So take your time developing a script and complementary creative elements. If you don’t feel like you have the right experience or skills to create a high-quality video, find an outside agency to help you create something you’re excited to place on your homepage. Just make sure the agency you choose understands how to speak to and engage your Christian audience.

More Types of Video Content

Explainer videos are only one type of video content. There are so many other ways to incorporate video on your website and within your digital marketing strategy. At FrontGate Media, we have had the opportunity to work on more than a few video projects including… 

Amazing Grace – Steph Carse’s Emmy® Winning Music Video

Giving God Ultimate Love Book Trailer

And Much, Much More – see the FrontGate Moving Pictures Reel

Whether you need a music video, book trailer, commercial spot, speaker promotion, product video, or something else, we have what it takes to produce what you need. 

Create Your Christian Video Marketing Strategy with FrontGate Moving Pictures

Video Marketing, Video Placement, Website MarketingIf you are ready to engage your Christian audience with a compelling video on your website’s homepage, social pages, and beyond, we can help! Our Emmy® Award-winning team is ready for you (actually… Emmy®, REMI, ICVM, ICFF, & CIFF Award-winning team).

From writing your script to designing your creative elements, we help you to produce a video that creates results while accurately sharing the heart and mission of your brand. Watch our reel, and contact us today to learn more!