Redeemed Restored, Case Study, Audience Growth and Engagement

Redeemed RestoredRedeemed Restored is a ministry that seeks to support and guide divorced or separated Christian women in their walk with God. The heart behind this ministry comes from personal experience, as the creator, Deb, has walked through the fog of separation herself. Now, she is following the call of God in her life to help other women experience God’s redemption and restoration by learning to seek Him through the pain of divorce.

Deb approached FrontGate Media with the vision for her ministry and asked for our expertise to help bring it to life. The FrontGate team built the Redeemed Restored brand from the ground up. From logo design to website development and copywriting, to crafting the social media presence and monthly communications, we turned Deb’s vision for Redeemed Restored into a reality that is now thriving online.

Target Audience

The ideal audience for Redeemed Restored is Christian women who are going through or have experienced divorce or separation from their spouses. The goal is to reach and build a community of women who are in the process of mending the pieces of their broken relationships and those who have experienced God’s restoration. 

Redeemed Restored Blog, Redeemed Restored, Case Study, Audience Growth and Engagement


FrontGate Media was hired to build the Redeemed Restored brand through logo & website design, writing the website copy, maintaining the blog content on the website, sending two monthly emails to their following, and managing social content and ads. 

Website Development and Content

When Deb came to us with her idea for her ministry, she didn’t have a website for the ministry. So, that’s where we started. From the logo creation to the website layout to the engaging copy on the site, we created a welcoming website for the Redeemed Restored audience to land to learn more about the ministry. Continued website services include managing monthly blog posts to ensure there is new and relevant content on the website for readers.

Monthly Emails

FrontGate manages two monthly emails to the Redeemed Restored following to keep their audience engaged and updated on ministry news. Each email includes relevant information, new blog posts, recent social media content, and other stewardship pieces. 

Social Content

FrontGate manages Facebook and Instagram for Redeemed Restored. This includes creating relevant graphics, writing content, and posting weekly on each social media platform.  FrontGate also develops and manages ad campaigns to reach even more women with the opportunity to join the Redeemed Restored community. 

Redeemed Restored Instagram, Redeemed Restored, Case Study, Audience Growth and Engagement


The Redeemed Restored website launched in July 2021 alongside frequent branded social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. Between the social content and advertising efforts, email campaigns, and website content updates, the ministry has seen tremendous growth in the past five months.

Social Advertising Results

  • Impressions: 1,452,465
  • Total Reached: 306,001
  • Engagement: 129,081
  • Facebook Email Leads: 4,668

Facebook Page Results

  • Impressions: 2,068,777
  • Fans Count: 2,393
  • Engagement: 124,887

Instagram Page Results

  • Impressions: 660,102
  • Followers: 2,649
  • Engagement: 15,140

Instagram, Instagram Growth, Instagram Results, Case Study, Audience Growth and Engagement

Redeemed Restored is growing substantially on Facebook and Instagram, positively impacting website traffic, email leads, and engagement. Most importantly, Deb can actively support and encourage women going through divorce and separation because of these marketing efforts. 

Here is one of the many reviews received for Redeemed Restored:

“Thank you for the work you do—I wholeheartedly agree with your vision, ‘And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.’ James 5:15 (NIV) Amen.”

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