app_graphicPerhaps you have a dozen app ideas floating around in your head, or perhaps you have just one. Maybe your company or ministry is prepping an app for release right now, or maybe you’ve never even thought about the concept. No matter where you are in the process, apps are here to stay, and a successful launch is the key to making your mark in the sea of available apps.

Creating your app
Entrepreneur says the four steps to creating a successful app are validating the initial idea, figuring user interface, testing, and iteration/launch. An app must be tested and approved by Apple or Google Play before it will be added to their respective stores. Their recent articles says there are three categories: “Apps that cater to a need, apps that make tasks easier, and apps that are for pure entertainment. Figuring out your strategy is vital to your success because every app relies on building a user base to generate revenue.” Mashable adds that submitting your app to every available store will boost your chances to increase visibility.

Thinking about your strategy
Once you have you concept narrowed down, put your app through rigorous testing and are ready, you’ll need to consider how to best reach your target audience. Recently, Taco Bell readjusted their strategy to reach the current generation with an app. “The app delivers location-based ordering, a secure payment system and personalization, said Tressie Lieberman, senior director-digital marketing and platforms, in a statement. “These features are just the beginning. We’ll continue to listen to our fans and evolve the app to meet their needs in a way only Taco Bell can.” (Source). After they created and tested their app, which took approximately two years, they chose to launch it with a social media blackout in promotion of the rollout. They took their social sites and “went dark”, leaving every page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website) pitch black, with solely one link to download the app. It was a novel and creative way to launch an app built for the generation of the Smartphone.

What FrontGate can do for YOUR App
Even with terrific ideas, smart promotion is not an one-man job! Mashable notes that promotion, including reaching out to reporters/press and creating social content, is crucial to acquiring and maintaining users. Here at FrontGate, besides serving as a magnetic and influential presence across our web and event platforms, we’ve also successfully launched an app for The Jesus Film Project in partnership with their agency Cooke Pictures.  (You can see more about the app here). FrontGate can provide you with a strong team to reach out to the press, create social engagement, and drive downloads of your faith-based app.

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