Worship Musician August 2022

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Read the August 2022 issue of [WM] which is filled with six #BetterBySunday sections for worship leaders and their worship teams:

  1. Artists Songs + Repertoire
  2. Vocals Teams + Leadership
  3. Worship Guitar Player
  4. Worship Drums Bass + Keys
  5. Church Tech + Marketing
  6. Músicos Adoradores

Worship Musician digital magazine is the leading source of worship team training and general music news for the worship leader or minister of music, and Christian Music fans delivered to more than 2,300,000 email subscribers monthly.

WM features interactive advertising space allowing you to create user interaction with your videos such as book and movie trailers, training videos, music videos and other multimedia and to click direct links driving traffic to your online store or website.

WM is the largest publication of its kind both in reach and content, with each issue coming in at 150-200 pages aimed at helping those who love music and play a part in worship at their local church. The digital magazine features six key sections for ARTISTS SONGS+RECORDING, VOCALS TEAMS+LEADERSHIP, GUITAR, DRUMS+BASS, KEYS PADS+LOOPS  and TECH+PRODUCTION as well as extensive MUSIC NEWS and REVIEWS including BOOK & ENTERTAINMENT REVIEWS.  WM’s digital distributors include Capitol – Christian Music Group, Creation Festival, Loop Community, Onsong and more.

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  • 2,300,000+ Double Opt-in Subscribers
  • Interactive ad pages
  • Monthly publication
  • 8.5 x 11 digital magazine size

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