Some of our industry friends don’t realize how active we are in Conservative circles.

I certianly do lean toward the GET INVOLVED IN CULTURE side of our Christian family.  I have no plans to withdraw and go monk.   Without question, the church and culture at large is massively affected by the political arena.  I do realize that the conservative agenda is not a direct match to the Christian agenda.  From your marketing standpoint, that doesn’t actually matter much.  Whether you LOVE them or love to hate them, the audience we reach through our conservative media outlets is one of the most active and responsive audiences anywhere.  We have seen great response to well matched advertising from Bibles to Fiction to political books, and of course various other products and causes.

This has been my goal since day one of FrontGate Media: to provide marketers with the best reach and value in getting their Kingdom projects connected to the audiences who will respond.

Human Events & FrontGate Media For our publisher and author friends, we have the annual Human Events Fall 2011 Book Section coming up this month:

Reservation Deadline: Tuesday, October 25th noon EST
Materials Deadline: Wednesday, October 26th noon EST
Publication Date: Monday, October 31, 2011

Human Events is home to the most the powerful conservative voices reaching one of the largest and most active faith-based audiences available.  With Human Events, we have the most trusted and best heard voices — on Main Street, on Pennsylvania Avenue, and in Congress. Informed, persuasive, and credible, they create the ideal advertising environment for your product or cause.

Don’t take my word for it…

“Human Events has been spreading the revolutionary news of our crusade for as long as I can remember. I’ve been reading it for over 33 years, and I know it was influencing conservative thought long before I came along.” — Ronald Reagan

“[Human Events] does 2 things really well. I think that they expose the corruption and the reality, the truth, of what’s going on in Washington, but they also provide the intellectual ballast for people like myself so that we can make the cogent arguments that we need to make in order to put forward our positive alternative agenda.” — Michele Bachmann

‘[Human Events] IS the conservative movement. When the other alleged conservative publications and spokesmen were going soft, Human Events has never gone soft.” — Ann Coulter

If you are thinking about a cause, project or product that might have be a great match with the Conservative Christian audience, please contact us.  Let’s brainstorm options together.  If you’d like more information about the Alliance Defense Fund or Pacific Justice Institute, let me know.

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