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A Proven Solution to Your Faith-Based Marketing Needs. 

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As a faith-based marketer, you continuously look for new and better ways to reach and connect with your Christian target audience. The Washington Times provides a reliable, expansive online platform for you to do just that. As a news source that holds Conservation Christian beliefs and values, your target market is reading “America’s Newspaper,” The Washington Times. In fact, millions of engaged readers visit the website every month, so you don’t have to do the hard work of finding your audience. You can confidently promote your faith-based products and services to your ideal market with The Washington Times.

Who Gets Their News from The Washington Times?

The Washington Times: Conservatives. Christians. 365 Days/Year, Christian Target AudienceThe Washington Times (WT) is one of America’s most trusted Conservative digital and print news sources, ranked by comScore as the #2 as the most visited Conservative-learning website behind Fox News.

 With a consistent 20 million unique visitors each month, The Washington Times has one of the largest Christian audiences of engaged readers that your brand can capitalize on and use to promote faith-based products and services. The Washington Times’ readership is interested in a wide variety of Christian topics, including the latest news, political matters, sports and entertainment, and the Christian life in general. 

From the Mission Statement: “Presidents, powerbrokers and world leaders rely on our coverage, but The Washington Times was founded to represent readers outside the Capital Beltway by promoting American values – freedom, faith and family – and to challenge a media establishment catering to coastal elites.”

This dedicated audience consists not only of visitors who engage with free content, but it also includes a large number of paid digital subscribers–offering yet a deeper level of target audience validation for your advertising. 

Unique to WT, not only can you reach their massive U.S. digital readership, The Washington Times continues to distribute a printed edition that is read daily throughout the highest levels of government, business, and NGO’s in Washington D.C.

How Can The Washington Times Help You Reach Your Christian Target Audience

 Not only does The Washington Times provide award-winning reporting, news, and commentary through a variety of media platforms, but it also offers unique advertising solutions for Faith-based marketers.

One of the most significant challenges for marketers is promoting your consumer goods or your donation-ready cause to the right people at the right time and in the best way to increase reach, engagement, and conversions. 

The Washington Times offers customizable advertising and marketing packages that include…The Washington Times - Special Section on the Power of Prayer, Christian Target Audience

  • Digital Mobile & Web Platforms for advertisements and campaigns
  • Direct Email Marketing solutions to millions through The Washington Times’ email database, segmentable by geo and gender to target your Christian target audience
  • Daily Email News Updates including Breaking News marketing solutions delivered at least twice daily to WT’s email database
  • Social Media outreach to The Washington Times’ 693K followers 
  • Podcasts from WT that provide excellent advertising opportunities
  • News to You–with The Washington Times staff attending your event and promoting it live on relevant platforms
  • Book Discovery promotional packages with affordable price points for any author or publisher
  • Special News and Advertorial Sections devoted to timely topics. Past Special Sections have included The Bible, Prayer, Christian Entertainment, and others.  
  • And much, much more!

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy print and digital source to promote your Christian products and services, The Washington Times is the right place for you. 

Whether you want a long-term relationship or are simply looking for another key advertising opportunity, WT has proven solutions to meet and exceed your marketing needs.

See The Washington Times in Action

One of the ways The Washington Times reaches your goals is through geo-targeted advertising. If you have an event or promotion relevant to a specific location or locations, we can target them directly. This type of location-based marketing is extremely valuable and results in high advertisement click-through rates.

For example, FrontGate has been retained to promote ticket sales for top comedian Michael Jr.’s 2021 appearances. We use geo-targeted advertising through The Washington Times and other sources to promote ticket sales via ad campaigns constructed for each appearance date.  

To promote Michael Jr.’s appearance at the Alaska State Fair, The Washington Times campaign included 50,000 digital banner impressions targeted to people within a 30-mile driving radius of the location, a 2-day homepage takeover of in the geo-targeted area, a dedicated email drop to subscribers in the region, and geo-targeted social media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Michael Jr Advertisement, Christian target audience

The Washington Times:

Reliable Reporting. The Right Opinion.

Your Christian Advertising Solution.

 Your Christian target audience turns to trustworthy brands like The Washington Times, who align with their values and beliefs to find products and services and donate to causes like yours. You can reach this audience and truly make a difference, just like the Senior Director of Marketing at Thomas Nelson Bibles who shares:

“Out of all of the advertising purchased for the KJV edition of The American Patriot’s Bible, The Washington Times campaign saw some of the strongest results.”

The Washington Times is part of FrontGate Media’s Digital Media Network. We provide you with the platform and resources you have been looking for to market to your ideal audience year-round. Now is the time to expand your reach and make an impact. 

Contact FrontGate Media today to learn more about advertising your faith-based products and services with The Washington Times.