Christian billboard marketing, billboard advertising company

Think billboard advertising is a thing of the past? Think again! Whether you’re promoting an upcoming church event or spreading words of inspiration, billboards offer an unmatched canvas for your message to reach thousands daily. 

What Is Billboard Marketing?

Billboard marketing is part of the Out Of Home Advertising category and refers to the process of using large outdoor structures, typically found in high-traffic areas, to display advertisements and promotional messages. These billboards, bus stops, vehicle ad wraps, and more serve as visual and strategic tools to reach a larger audience. They are designed to catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians, effectively communicating your brand’s message or promoting its products and services. This form of advertising is highly visible and hard to ignore, making it an effective strategy for wide-scale exposure.

How Does Billboard Advertising Work for Christian Organizations?

At FrontGate Media, this is how we developed and executed an effective billboard marketing campaign for Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU):

  • Step 1: Identify budget levels (low, mid, high)
  • Step 2: Identify the target market and goals
  • Step 3: Canvas the target region for billboards in prime areas with the best visibility for the target market

From here, we narrowed the focus down to billboard mapping near the following:

  • Top mega churches by attendance
  • Sports stadium
  • High-end shopping 

After mapping was complete, we selected the billboards within those areas to build a framework of four billboards that provided the highest traffic and viewership opportunity for their target market within their budget. We also advised on the creative elements to ensure the visuals were captivating and the messaging was clear. 

The impact of this billboard advertising campaign was over 21M impressions during the 12-week campaign and a net CPM under $2.00. This highlights billboard marketing effectiveness, especially for faith-based brands in high-traffic areas!

In addition to billboard advertising, this campaign was supported with social and digital advertising, along with a radio campaign.

Billboard Advertising Examples

Christian billboard marketing, billboard advertising company

Static Billboard

Christian billboard marketing, billboard advertising company

Digital Billboard

Work with a Christian Billboard Advertising Company

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