Why GOD TV’s Advertising & Social Marketing?

  • GOD TV is committed to creating success not just running ads.
  • Higher than average response for Direct Email & Integrated Packages.
  • High-impact options include content placement, site skin, splash page…
  • GOD TV builds recognition across social, web, and email.
  • Harvest their Strong Brand Loyalty for your needs.
  • New offerings are not burnt out by overuse.
  • GOD TV is growing while most of the Christian market is shrinking.
  • Capture people from a leading Christian tv brand – in 200 million homes.
  • Over 1.2 million Facebook likes, just one of their many FB pages.
  • Millions of connection points to create recognition, sales or donations.

If you are looking for a dynamic partner to CREATE RESULTS from your budget, EXPLORE GOD TV.

As the exclusive representation for GOD TV Digital, a FrontGate Engagement Specialist will work with you to brainstorm the best possible campaign for your specific situation and budget.

Who has already seen ROI with GOD TV Digital?

Christian Ad Agencies, film studios, charities and causes, Christian universities and other educational opportunities have been particularly active as EARLY ADOPTERS of GOD TV’s digital opportunities.


Sony Affirm, Open Doors, Rose Publishing, Faithful Counseling, Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, AFMDA—American Friends of Magen David Adom (the “Red Cross” of Israel,) a Christian Kickstarter project, Liberty University, Grand Canyon University, Southeastern U, Campbellsville U, and others.  Categories include film and movie marketing, charity fundraising, cause marketing, education marketing, Christian book advertising, Kickstarter advertising, ministry marketing, and more.

Contact a FrontGate Engagement Specialist.




Prime Partner Package
– Only 2 available!

This comprehensive engagement reaches the core demographic of women ages 25+.

Millions of connection points from your $10-30K total budget over a one to three month period. Includes…

-Native Content – editorialized content, article/review
-Social media posts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
-Splash page
-Clickable site skin
-Video pre-roll
-Contest or Giveaway
-Direct email
-Newsletter Advertorial

Contact a FrontGate Engagement Specialist.




Feature of the Month, Package A:   $4,995
This is a multi-purpose package that would be perfect for any service or product: ministry, cause, book, gift, film, education, travel and so on.



-Native Content – editorialized content, article/review
-Social media posts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
-Direct email
-Newsletter Advertorial


Feature of the Month Package B:  $3,500
A lower budget multi-use package like the one above.


-Social media posts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
-Newsletter Advertorial

Contact a FrontGate Engagement Specialist.





Social Media & Facebook Live Event Options:

Social Packages range from $2,995 for a two-week exposure plan to $4,995 for a month-long exposure package.

Creating a Facebook Live Event is $9,995 and includes extensive promotion not only through GOD TV’s social channels but also through Direct Email, Email Newsletters, and Web Banners.

Social Numbers:

  • Facebook: 1.2 million followers on main FB page, plus additional pages
  • Twitter Posts: 55,000 followers
  • Instagram: 31,000 followers




Valuable site skin, splash page, direct email, email newsletter advertorial, and website banner a la carte options are also available!

Please contact us to book a la carte items or customize a partnership.





If you are ready to get started, let’s connect: CONTACT US NOW. 🙂

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