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PRESIDENT Noel Bouché Takes Helm

Cincinnati, Ohio. (February 5, 2014) – While celebrating the organization’s 30th anniversary, pureHOPE  is honored to announce that new President Noel Bouché has assumed executive leadership of the ministry, succeeding Rick Schatz.  The handoff is the culmination of a planned three-year leadership transition strategy that has been lauded by outside observers.

Bouché joined pureHOPE in 2008, leaving a corporate law practice to help advance the ministry’s mission of providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture. He spearheaded the organization’s rebranding, and led the development of unique programs and resources, like the pureJUSTICE college internship and Bible study resources that address the injustices of sex trafficking, pornography, and sexualized culture.

“Noel is an extremely qualified next-generation, visionary leader who is well-positioned to lead the ministry in the 21st century. I have the utmost confidence in Noel and his team to increase pureHOPE’s impact in the coming years”, said Schatz.

“It is a tremendous privilege to be invited to serve pureHOPE as President,” Bouché said. “This is an amazing organization with a rich history and a talented and passionate team.  God has given us a vision and mission that inspires and equips individuals, families, and churches in a relevant way for such a time as this.”

Bouché is based in pureHOPE’s Dallas office in the Hope Center, a first-of-its-kind, nine-acre campus that houses over forty Christian ministries.

Schatz will continue to work part-time out of pureHOPE’s Cincinnati office as Ministry Advancement Specialist, developing strategic partnerships, advising, teaching and equipping.  “Rick has provided outstanding leadership to pureHOPE over the past thirteen years, and we are extremely blessed that he will continue to contribute his wisdom and insight to our mission,” said Bouché.

The ministry of pureHOPE (founded in 1983 as the National Coalition Against Pornography) has never been more vital, given the sexualized culture in which we all live that attacks the wholeness of individuals, families, and communities.  Sadly, the church is not immune.  It is estimated that 50% of Christian men and over 20% of Christian women struggle with pornography and the majority of pastors say it is the most damaging issue in their church.  Moreover, 70% of mainline Protestant churches never or seldom discuss issues of sexual ethics and The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that less than 15% of parents discuss human sexuality with their children.

pureHOPE partners with Christian schools and churches to equip individuals and families to lead pure lives of prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement that exhibit the love, purity, and justice of God.  The organization produces resources and special events in three uniquely connected ministry spaces: Parenting (equipping parents to parent in a sexualized and technology-driven culture), Justice (exposing the connections between sex trafficking, pornography, and sexualized culture and linking the virtues of purity and justice), and Recovery (providing people with tools, understanding, and relationships to find healing from sexual brokenness).

Bouché and his team are moving forward with bold plans to greatly multiply pureHOPE’s impact, reaching people across the country and around the world with high-quality and innovative content and equipping resources,. These resources complement pureHOPE’s in-person ministry events and are meant to help cultivate a culture within churches, schools, and families that actively embraces God’s design for sexuality and the pursuit of purity and justice in a sexualized age.

About pureHOPE

pureHOPE pursues a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness by providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture. Our content, resources, and equipping events help people live out Jesus’ love, purity, and justice in this pornified society. pureHOPE partners with churches, Christian schools, campus ministries, and partner organizations in three ministry areas: parenting, justice and recovery.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Noel Bouché, please contact:

Lori Lenz-Heiselman

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Director of Communications, pureHOPE