Training, Connecting, Inspiring the Christian Publishing Professional

PUBu is the preeminent connection and training event for Christian publishing professionals.  Sessions are developed around major publishing-related communities and led by industry leaders and experts.

  INFORMING-U     PUBu is a U-Build-It event. Our BrainTrust has developed a variety of sessions you can choose from that will inform #marketing #editorial #sales #publicity #digital #design #production #andmore.

  TRAINING-U    You’ll leave PUBu with the experience and knowledge of 10training, networking, and general sessions — all packed in just over 24 hours!

  INSPIRING-U    PUBu’s signature value is learning from industry colleagues and leaders through panels, Q&A, sessions, and discussions about best practices, case studies, and challenges they’ve faced and overcome.  Plan to leave PUBu with a few more friends and mentors, inspired and encouraged in your publishing role.

  CONNECTING-U     We’re opening PUBu with a Monday Mixer — so y’all can hang out, chat, meet, and get ready for an awesome event.  Then our schedule will include more opportunities to continue discussions and connections started in the classroom.

   PUBu15 BRAIN TRUST     You’re in good hands.  Planning this year’s program is the PUBu BrainTrust.  Team members represent expertise in major publishing roles and have a synergy that will reflect in the dynamic program they are pulling together this year: 

  • Jeff Crosby, PUBu15 BrainTrust Manager; associate publisher, sales & marketing director at InterVarsity Press
  • Michael Covington, Business Team Lead of Disciplr
  • Brian Flagler, principal of Flagler Law Group
  • Torrey Sharp, owner and principal at Faceout Studio
  • Larry Weeden, Director of Book Development, Curriculum, and Acquisitions for Focus on the Family