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PubU gathers Christian publishing professionals with industry and culture experts to explore ‘The Art of Curation’

Thirteen industry leaders are planning sessions and inviting speakers for PubU, a 24-hour training and networking event held November 7-8 in Nashville for Christian publishing practitioners in editorial, design, marketing, production/analytics, rights, and reader engagement.
“The conference theme, The Art of Curation, emphasizes the importance of what professional publishers do,” explains ECPA executive director Stan Jantz. “PubU will offer sessions for every aspect of the professional publishing process from curating content from the seed of an idea in an author’s mind for a compelling book, to the art of design and packaging, efficiency of production, and craft of connecting it to spiritually hungry readers around the globe who want to buy it.”
Added Jantz: “The sessions and speakers just now coming in from the brain trust are outstanding. This year will be memorable.” Speakers include: Russell Moore, Barnabas Piper, Andrew Wolgemuth, Chad Allen, Russ Ramsey, Jackie Hill Perry, David McKay, Gabe Lyons, Gabe Wicks, Kristen McLean, Tim Green, Klaus Krogh, Jade Novak, Robert Downs, and much more. Full program will be posted on the event site soon.
Early-bird registration is now open and available until August 31.