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Christian Public Relations to Build a Positive, Lasting Reputation

FrontGate PR is your Christian PR firm to create a lasting impact for your brand by amplifying your strengths and securing life-changing PR opportunities to reach any or all segments of the Faith and Family audience.


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Why Christian PR Matters for Faith-Based Brands

The value of PR done well continues to deliver the biggest reach for the best budget value in all of the marketing disciplines. A quality PR campaign will impact your target audiences, telling your story to them right where they congregate.

PR is about earning media coverage.

The articles, interviews, and placements that are the results of PR are called Earned Media. The Faith and Family market is unique and requires specific messaging and strategy that resonates with the hearts and minds of the faith-based and family audiences.

One interview on a major outlet reaches more people in 10 minutes than what you could likely afford to pay for in advertising. PR is the single most necessary marketing tool in just about any marketing arsenal. For example, while not every book will be picked for Oprah’s Book Club, the one that is… well, you’ve seen what happens.

PR is about telling your story in a compelling way. 

It’s about formulating the right hooks and pitching them to the writers, editors, and producers who are the gatekeepers for the audiences at their radio stations, publications, blogs, television shows, and so on. It’s been said that in life, it’s not about “what” you know but “who” you know. That is certainly true in faith-based public relations.

PR is about relationships.

Our Christian PR firm is a knowledgeable, experienced team of professionals with active relationships in the industry ready to work for you. Working with a team means more relationships are in play for you to benefit from. It takes more than just “a PR person” to achieve mass market results. Our Christian PR firm works together to create your unique PR plan, creating a media package based on your best attributes and directing your messaging through our custom process into a series of press releases and other connection points. It’s not the same as having a press release worked by a single individual and certainly much more than merely writing and servicing a press release through a wire service. If you are also utilizing our Social Marketing and Media Buying services, you benefit further from a fully integrated and synergized team of people who are very comfortable working together across all of the key marketing functions.

Why FrontGate Media is the Best Christian PR Firm for Faith-Based Brands

At FrontGate Media, we have 20+ years of experience in the world of faith-based marketing and advertising. You can capitalize on our deep industry knowledge and partnerships to connect with your audience and spread your message.

FrontGate delivers a wide reach. 

Whether you want to reach the active Christian Lifestyle audience, Catholics, Conservatives, African-Americans, or LatinX Christians, being a featured guest or interview on radio, in digital or print media, or on television creates major to massive exposure for you and your message. Gatekeepers deliver you and your message to their audience.

FrontGate creates a lasting impact. 

Websites don’t disappear. Articles and videos are archived and searchable. Coverage across multiple outlets builds traffic linking back to your site.

FrontGate positions you as an expert. 

Building trust with your audience is essential. Interviews and quotes establish and validate your professional credibility. 

FrontGate personalizes your product. 

You need people to care about what you’re saying. We put a face and personality that brings a human touch to your brand. 

FrontGate amplifies your strengths. 

We find your strengths, create connection points, then strategically promote them.

FrontGate can be fully integrated into your marketing campaign. 

We deliver a rare opportunity to coordinate your PR messaging right alongside an Advertising and Social Marketing campaign, all available in one stop here at FrontGate Media. 

Christian Public Relations Key Market Statistics

  • There are 247 Million Christians in the U.S. (2010 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life)
  • 77% of Americans self-identify as Christian (2012 Gallup)
  • The Hartford Institute For Religion Research states there are approximately 350,000 religious congregations in the United States.

While there are many variables to be managed and tasks to be performed in order to create a successful PR campaign, the real key to success is the people on your team, and FrontGate is blessed to have one of the strongest, most experienced teams in the Christian public relations market.

Our Vast Experience with Christian PR Services

At FrontGate Media, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of very unique PR projects for clients like Loved + Blessed subscription boxes, Christ Coin digital currency, and Pope Francis (yup, the Pope) as well as more typical products and ministries. Our experience expands into other industries as well, including:

  • Movies and Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Non-profits
  • Catholic Organizations
  • Music
  • Education
  • Events & more

Faith-Based Public Relations Services

Serving the Faith and Family space for over two decades, FrontGate orchestrates effective outreach and placements on radio stations, digital media, newspapers & magazines, and television. FrontGate PR has a history of turning media contacts into collaborators and collaborators into trusted, long-time advocates of our clients and campaigns. We are relationship builders, and we have the results to prove it.

Our core services include: 

Strategic Planning

FrontGate PR takes a thoughtful, strategic, and creative approach to build your brand’s communications plan with our extensive capabilities. We work to create a dynamic Christian PR plan that works in synergy with other PR and marketing components, activating this “sleeping giant” market for each client.


Writing and releasing copy that caters to the faith and family audience is absolutely essential for success in this market. We leverage our experience in communication to collaborate and write releases that provide you with the best opportunities for exposure and coverage.

Story and Interview Pitching

After developing our strategic plan, we will dive into pitching your story and your talent, working to get your story told in a way that establishes you as a leader in your areas of expertise. We pitch, secure, and schedule interviews and coordinate coverage dates within your desired time frames. 

Create Content Partnerships

One story is great, and two are even better, but how about 12 or 24 or 52 stories?  When applicable, we work to create partnerships for you by making you a regular contributor to key media outlets that match well with your target audience.


Every campaign includes ongoing reporting updated as interviews and stories are booked and completed.  Where possible, we include each media outlet’s reach and any links to their content online. 

Expanded services include: 

Media Training

We make sure our clients have all the right answers come interview time for the media outlets they are speaking with. This is extremely important in the faith and family market. Our hands-on training sessions help clients look great and feel comfortable. With our guidance, every interview is a perfect opportunity to get a memorable brand message across to the faith-based media.

Women’s Blogger Network to Review Your Product

We never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Grassroots efforts allow us to roll up our sleeves and reach audiences through our Christian Women’s Blogger Network online. By developing and building out a cohesive communication structure, we tap into millions of individuals through content placement across a variety of sites easily and effectively.

Christian Podcast Tours 

Whether you’re a Christian author, leader, ministry, business, organization, or charity, we can help you increase brand awareness by securing interviews on top Christian podcasts via our Christian Podcast Tour Service. This is an excellent way to gain exposure to Christian podcasters’ massive followings and ultra-engaged followers to see more immediate results.

Crisis Management and Issues

No company welcomes a crisis, but we welcome putting our clients in the best position to handle them. When a crisis presents itself, we help navigate our clients toward the best possible outcome. Dealing with reputation management is a PR capability at which we excel.

Interviews and Press Placed

Across television, radio, print, and the internet; on the largest secular outlets in the world, including ABC’s Nightline, Fox and Friends, CNN, and more; to the biggest outlets in the Christian market, including the 700 Club,, Christianity Today, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN),, Relevant Magazine, Outreach Magazine, Focus on the Family and beyond; and in very targeted niche publications reaching exactly the audience an individual clients needs, FrontGate has delivered successful faith-based PR for our clients, and can do so for you as well.

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