Four Christian Influencers Give New Perspectives on Modesty

Los Angeles, CA  (February 4, 2014)– Since it’s inception, has been a defining compass for guiding young women as they mature into wise, Godly women. Continuing their goal to encourage discussion on culture and Christianity, today the site is launching the first in a series that will explore hot topics among youth today, kicking off with views from four Christian influencers on the subject of modesty.  The round table discussion can be found here:

Project Inspired round table discussions are hosted by Zach Hunter and are designed to spur conversation and help teens think critically about issues facing them each day. Modesty is a hot-button issue for Project Inspired readers. Through the diverse perspectives of the four modesty panel participants (two men and two women), the site hopes this content inspires readers to debate and explore the complexity that surrounds modesty.  Zach created a short video describing the concept here:

Zach Hunter is a 22 year-old anti-slavery activist and author who has been vocal in the ideas of modesty and chivalry.  Joining him on the panel are Kim Hall, the Director of Women’s Ministry at All Saints PCA, Jarrid Wilson, pastor and author of the book 30 Words, and Tara Teng, Human Rights Activist and Miss World Canada 2012.  This collection of influencers has varied thoughts and visions on the topic, discussing the issue from angles of gender, fashion and culture.

Sample quotes from this round table include:

“If guys practiced self-control, ‘modesty’ wouldn’t be such a huge deal.” – Zach Hunter

“So much of the world believes a girl’s life to be worth less than her brother’s.  How impossibly high the cultural standards are for these women.  Even so, our own Western culture regularly waters the same poisonous seed:  boys will be boys, and it is the girl’s responsibility to keep herself out of the mud.  It’s a lie.” – Kim Hall

 “Anyone can buy skimpy clothes and show some skin.  The real world changers are the ones who realize they don’t need to dress the way culture tells them to.” – Jarrid Wilson

 “While modesty certainly can be a good thing, I believe that the freedom to express oneself through fashion belongs to each person and it takes a level of maturity to discern how it is best for you to dress.” – Tara Teng

 Project Inspired has attracted a unique community of young women who are actively participating in the conversation on how to live their lives as beautiful women of God.  With a highly engaged audience of nearly 21,000 members, 110,000 Facebook friends and 140,000 monthly site visits, Project Inspired Girls participate in Girl Talk chats, video chats and create content for the website. These round table discussions are inspired by issues and concerns the site participants face on a daily basis.

About Project Inspired was created in 2011 to show young girls how to be their own best self ( The site examines faith, relationships, fashion, role models, culture and true beauty, all in a safe, caring and positive environment.  Founder Nicole Weider draws from her own experiences to make the message clear: Be a person of value and confidence through leading a true Christian life. was created with Mind Over Media, L.L.C., a full-service, cross-platform content development and media packaging company.

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