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Former model shares her personal story in a free e-book titled
INTO THE LIGHT: My Journey from the Glare of Hollywood to the Glow of God’s Love

Los Angeles, CA – Since its inception in 2011, ProjectInspired.com has grown to become the largest online community for young women of faith. As a special gift to the site’s readers, site founder Nicole Weider has released her memoir and is giving it exclusively to the Project Inspired community free of charge.

INTO THE LIGHT: My Journey from the Glare of Hollywood to the Glow of God’s Love, chronicles Weider’s journey from her early childhood in Oregon, to moving to Mexico and Guatemala, to spending her critical teenage years growing up too quickly as a rising starlet in Hollywood. While she achieved accolades as a lingerie model, Weider’s life took a dark turn. Her self-esteem slowly eroded as agents told her that she needed to lose weight and that her skin wasn’t clear enough, and as photographers showed her how they manipulate photos to fix the flaws of the most beautiful women in the world. After experiencing a period of deep depression, Weider opened herself up to God. And everything changed.

Weider is now dedicated to helping and inspiring young women to cultivate purposeful and God-driven lives. She created ProjectInspired.com to encourage discussion on culture and Christianity, and to provide a safe place for young women to ask questions, mentor each other and discover positive influences.

Project Inspired has attracted a large community that actively participates in the conversation on how to live their lives as beautiful women of God. With a highly engaged audience of nearly 25,000 members, 113,000 Facebook friends and 300,000 monthly site visits, Project Inspired Girls participate in Girl Talk forums, video chats, round table discussions and create their own content for the website.

INTO THE LIGHT chronicles Nicole’s journey and hopes to encourage and inspire readers to examine their own paths and consider the decisions and voices that are influencing their lives. Nicole aims to be the positive role model she never had while growing up and embarking on a career in modeling and entertainment.

INTO THE LIGHT is currently available exclusively to Project Inspired members. Membership is free for young women who are seeking community, inspiration and encouragement for leading a Christian life. Young women can sign up here for a free ProjectInspired.com membership, and will receive the free INTO THE LIGHT e-book as a special gift.

About Project Inspired

ProjectInspired.com was created in 2011 to show young girls how to be their own best self (http://ProjectInspired.com). The site examines faith, relationships, fashion, role models, culture and true beauty, all in a safe, caring and positive environment.  Founder Nicole Weider draws from her own experiences to make the message clear: Be a person of value and confidence through leading a true Christian life.  ProjectInspired.com was created with Mind Over Media, LLC., a full-service, cross-platform content development and media packaging company.

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