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PrayerShop Publishing announces 19th printing
of “Love to Pray”

Terre Haute, IN (February 7, 2020) PrayerShop Publishing is pleased to announce that its all-time best seller, Love to Pray by Alvin VanderGriend has just gone into its 19th printing.

This simple, 40-day devotional on prayer has been used by thousands of churches over the past decade to lead their people into deeper levels of prayer.  PrayerShop publisher, Jonathan Graf, shares “In my 25 years of prayer ministry, I have not seen another book like it. Love to Pray has the most complete theology of prayer of any book I know, yet it lays it out in such a simple, clear way.” PrayerShop has developed an entire line of products based off this book.

VanderGriend is the co-founder of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, which he helped to form while a national evangelism and prayer leader with the Christian Reformed Church. Author of 8 books on prayer, VanderGriend has discipled and inspired easily more than a half million people in the area of prayer over his years of ministry.

Originally developed by the Church Prayer Leaders Network and Harvest Prayer Ministries, PrayerShop Publishing was launched as a publishing house to develop and produce niche books on prayer that focus primarily on growing prayer in the local church.

Contact:  Jon Graf, Publisher, PrayerShop Publishing,