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P&R Publishing hires Dave Almack
as acquisitions director

After an extensive search process, P&R Publishing has hired industry veteran and publishing leader Dave Almack to head up its acquisitions process. In this role he will lead the P&R acquisitions group and serve on the P&R leadership team.

Dave Almack has served in the Christian publishing and retail industry for over twenty years in a variety of roles. For the last eight years, he functioned as the publisher for CLC Publications and National Director for the CLC USA team. In his role as publisher, he was responsible for acquiring a number of key authors for CLC, including Stuart and Jill Briscoe, and developing emerging authors such as Matt Mitchell, Jon Nielson, and David Apple.

P&R Publishing has been serving Christ and his church by producing fresh, clear, insightful, and engaging applications of Reformed theology to life for over 85 years. In the years to come, P&R will be building on its foundation of strong theological resources and books for biblical counseling to develop new titles that help to apply Reformed theology to all of life.