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Popular blog post about periods expands into a book

CHARLOTTE, NC– Since its publication in February 2018, Rachel Jones’ blog piece “A 5 Minute Theology of Periods” has consistently garnered great curiosity. The Good Book Company is excited to announce Rachel has taken more than 5 minutes to further unpack the topic in book form. A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really) is an adventure for the curious into bodies, womanhood, time, pain and purpose (The Good Book Company, May 2021).

You’ve never read a book quite like this one. Jones’ wit and humor make it a surprising, light-hearted read as she discusses the sometimes sensitive topic from a Biblical perspective.

Jones’ goal for the book is positive, as she explains in an interview with bestselling author Rebecca McLaughlin, saying, “What I’d really love people to come away from this book with is just a greater appreciation for how God has made them, and how God has saved them, and just for the fact that the Bible speaks into all of life’s experiences, even periods.” The interview releases on The Good Book Company podcast in May.

Endorsing the book, Jen Wilkin, bestselling author of None Like Him and Women of the Word, said, “In the church today, the female reproductive cycle is still regarded as taboo to speak of, let alone to ponder in relation to our faith. I’m deeply grateful that Rachel has endeavored to dignify what God has architected and to help us consider what we might learn from that design. As the prevailing culture dismantles the categories of male and female before our eyes, Rachel shows us how precious the gift of our female biology is, and all the more for the theology it illustrates.”

Written to be thorough but accessible, A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really) makes for a lively, memorable book club choice. A free host’s guide PDF is also available in the extras section of the product page. This PDF offers small group and women’s ministry leaders ideas for hosting a session or event offering women a Biblical perspective on periods. It also includes a brief, interactive Bible study.

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Rachel Jones is the author of A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really), Is This It?, and several books in the award-winning Five Things to Pray series, and serves as Vice President (Editorial)  at The Good Book Company. She helps teach kids and serves on the mission core team at her church, Chessington Evangelical Church, in Surrey, UK.

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