Do you want to be a force for good, to help break through the isolation created by this quarantine?

People are searching for things to do at home, for themselves and for their kids. You can impact the world with your creativity, product or streaming service during this time of crisis.

  • If you teach, teach for those at home.
  • If you sing, sing to give people something to smile about.
  • If you draw, share your skill, show others how to draw.
  • If you write, get your book in front of people now.

NOW is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to promote yourself to the stay-at-home world.  People, especially Moms, are looking for things to do RIGHT NOW

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Reach Your Audience at Home!

Reach the stay-at-home audience right now!

Immediate Promotional Opportunities: 

    • reach your target audience and drive them to you.
  • BE FEATURED on social/web/email through big brands like…
    • GOD TV Digital, Washington Times, NewReleaseToday or others.
    • get others talking to their followers about you.
    • get interviewed by radio and digital media outlets.

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