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Peachtree Editorial Owners Announce Retirement,
New Leadership

Joan Begitschke, Verve Marketing Group

(Peachtree City, GA)—After thirty years of leading Peachtree Editorial Services, June and Doug Gunden will be retiring in early 2016 and have announced plans to transition the company to new leadership. Paige Drygas will become the company’s president and will co-own the company with Chris Hudson, of Hudson Bible. The transition will occur on February 1.

“Peachtree Editorial offers a unique service to the industry, and we wanted to ensure that its stability and our quality of service would continue into the future,” says June. “It was a matter of making the right connection, and now that we have, we can move on to the next chapter of our lives, knowing that the company is in good hands.”

“We’ve been acquainted with Chris Hudson for over 20 years,” June continues, “and as we collaborated on a recent project, we reached out to him in August about possibly buying our business. It soon became apparent to both parties that there were important synergies in the ways we serve publishers. He understands the typesetting and proofreading process, knows many of our clients, and has a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of the various Bible translations.” She adds, “And just as important, he has the business expertise to keep Peachtree growing and thriving.”

“No other organization does what Peachtree does,” says Chris. “Their staff of 21 employees has created the gold standard of Bible proofreading. I feel privileged to help carry on its legacy of service to the Bible industry.”

Industry veteran Paige Drygas will step into the role of president, with a season of overlap and transition with the Gundens. Paige’s extensive background includes writing and editing for over 125 Christian books and Bibles. “I have long had a deep respect for the Peachtree brand and for June personally,” says Paige. “This is a tremendous opportunity to blend my passions for ministry, the Bible, people, and accuracy.”

Paige will assume leadership of day-to-day operations on February 1. “Our intent is to keep the office location, proprietary Bible proofing processes, and valued employees intact.” She adds, “Chris will support Peachtree as an owner, but he will remain the president of Hudson Bible. The two companies will share an owner but will function independently.”

Peachtree Editorial Services is the industry leader for Bible proofreading and quality control. The concept of a dedicated business for Bible proofreading originated in the 1960s with Mildred and Frederick Tripp, based on a unique method of proofreading that Mildred developed for Oxford University Press. As her reputation for accuracy grew, so did the business. Doug and June Gunden purchased the concept and formed Peachtree Editorial Services in 1985. They refined the method of proofreading to the team approach that is in place today. Peachtree works with every major, English-language Bible publisher and Bible typesetter and provides a distinct, valuable, matchless service in the Bible industry. For additional information, please visit