September 17, 2015

PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET: Raising Kids with Purpose, Not Perfection
by Jimmy and Laura Seibert to release October 29, 2015.
Book shares the Seibert’s personal parenting journey of learning to raise their children with intentionality and purpose.

Parenting without Regret cover(Waco, Texas) It’s a universal issue that most parents struggle with: do I even know how to parent? Is what I’m doing actually helping my child thrive?

Do I truly understand how to raise a child?  Certainly every parent has questioned their ability at some point in their lives.  Now, Jimmy Seibert, the Senior Pastor of Antioch Community Church and President of Antioch Ministries International, and his wife Laura share their personal journey of growing as parents and living with as little regret as possible in their new book PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET: Raising Kids with Purpose, not Perfection (Clear Day Publishing).

“Many people have asked Laura and me to share the story of how we have raised our four kids.  So this is our story.  Every person, couple and family will have their own unique journey.  We are sharing ours, not as a prescription for every situation that arises or as a perfect formula, but as a story to fill you with hope.”

PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET is focused on the most important keys in raising kids who will end up loving God, loving each other and loving the world.  Much of the information in the book came from the Seibert’s four children, who gave great insight as well as practical input on what they felt was effective in their development.

Best-selling author and speaker Francis Chan has given a strong endorsement of the book: “Excellent book! As a father of seven, I found myself thinking ‘Amen’ throughout every chapter. Lots of helpful insights that I plan on implementing in my own family. I am so grateful for the example of Jimmy and Laura as parents and Christians. I hope that many, many parents will read this book and follow their example. This is the exact kind of parenting book this generation needs.”

“Don’t get us wrong, this book is not about perfection or the inability to fail.  We all have regrets and make mistakes.  It’s about parenting with intentionality so you won’t regret the focus and effort that you put into raising your kids.  Ultimately our prayer is that, as we look back in our latter days, we are not consumed by thoughts that we wished we had done things differently, but rather are thankful that we had parented wholeheartedly.”

Key topics addressed by the book include:
How do we let our kids know they are valued?
How do we help them be successful?
How do we deal with the challenges of our culture?
How to we prepare them for the future?
How to we raise them to have their own relationship with God?

The Seibert’s use personal stories and biblical content to share how they navigated and answered the tough questions for themselves. “Our prayer is that PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET will ignite fresh hope into every parents that reads it, and subsequently raise a new generation of young people who are ready to take on the challenges of this world and shape it for the glory of God.”

PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET: Raising Kids with Purpose, not Perfection
By Jimmy and Laura Seibert
In stores and online October 29, 2015
Paperback Suggested Retail Price:  $15.99
Publisher: Clear Day Publishing.

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