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Paraclete Press announces its Sacred Music Division with Spring 2020 Complete Resource Catalog

January 6, 2020 — Paraclete Press is pleased to announce its Sacred Music Division. In the words of Sheet Music Editor and Gregorian Chant Specialist James E. Jordan, Jr., DMA, CJ: “From the earliest days at Paraclete Press, music has been a core resource and value. Rooted in Gregorian chant and the great traditions of choral singing from across the globe, Paraclete Sacred Music offers the finest resources, from Gregorian chant to modern choral music—in sound, to listen and inspire, and in print, to learn and use. In tandem with the music are educational materials designed specifically to help unlock and disseminate the meanings held within the music.”

The Paraclete Press Resource Library of Sacred Music includes:

  • Recordings from the choir Gloriæ Dei Cantores, and from the monks of the Abbey of St. Peter in Solesmes, France
  • Gregorian chant books from Paraclete Press, the monks of Solesmes, and the Church Music Association of America
  • Sacred Choral and Organ sheet music from America, England, Russia, and Australia, representing more than 170 composers

The Sacred Music Division is fully represented in Paraclete’s Spring 2020 Complete Resource Catalog, which in addition to Sacred Music also highlights: New Book Releases (including New Releases for Spring/Lent/Easter 2020), Mount Tabor Books, Monastic Wisdom, Children’s Books, Videos, Grief Resources, and print, web, and audio services available through Paraclete Multimedia. Browse the catalog online here.

In the words of Director Lillian Miao, PhD, CJ: “The mission of Paraclete Press since its inception about forty years ago has been to communicate Beauty and Truth through the arts to all corners of the world. First came the printing services for our religious community and the local art community here on Cape Cod. Then came music, with Gregorian chant recordings and sheet music—and almost at the same time the explosion of book publishing and choir recordings. Today we experience the excitement of ever-changing media for communicating this symphony of sound and sight.”

For copies of the catalog, review copies of new releases, or interviews, please contact Publicist Rachel McKendree at