On the road, when I think of a place to stop and plug in, Panera Bread comes to mind first. They did it right AND BETTER than Starbucks by offering free wifi when Starbucks offered only the paid partnership option with a single provider. Their environment is better: quieter and more spacious even for a single sitter.  

Then they did it right again for my birthday. 

I rec’d a ton of birthday gift offers from the various member clubs at the restaurants and shops I frequent most.  In fact, I rec’d more than I could take advantage of by my birthday.

Panera stuck out because their offer was good for 60 days around my birthday, not just 30 days… I could use it before or after my birthday!  They broke out from the pack by putting themselves alone in my choice set.  I’d had to choose between various restaurants in July because there was no way I could squeeze them all in within the time window they gave me, but after the end of July, I have only one open option: Panera Bread.  Good marketing Panera, again.

Where do you think I am going in August?