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Paige Allen named new Director of IngramSpark

Nashville, TN (October 7, 2020) — Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”) announced the hiring of Paige Allen as the new Director of IngramSpark®, Ingram’s award-winning self-publishing platform.

Allen most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Horton Group, a web design and digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN, where she worked for four years. Prior to that, she worked as Senior Manager of Digital Content and International Communications, Customer Solutions at Asurion. Preceding Asurion, Allen was Digital Project Management Lead at Lonely Planet, building partnership with brands and developing digital marketing products.

“After nearly a decade of working in digital marketing agencies, I am eager to help authors and publishers reach their audience through IngramSpark,” said Allen.

“Paige brings great experience in content management, platform development and advertising. We are thrilled that she is joining IngramSpark,” says Kelly Gallagher, VP Content Acquisition.

Allen has a B.A. in Public Policy Studies and Political Science from Vanderbilt University. She was also part of the Owen Graduate School of Management’s Accelerator Program, Business Sales & Marketing and also attended Harvard Business School’s Summer Venture and Management Program.

Ingram is thankful for long-time IngramSpark Director Robin Cutler’s contributions and vision in building IngramSpark over the years. Robin will become an IngramSpark consultant and mentor to the team prior to her official retirement in late November.

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