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Outreach Magazine Wins Two Maggie Awards
from Western Publishing Association
Publication takes top spot in Special Interest/Trade and Best Color Editorial Layout/Trade categories; Outreach also named as top finalist in four other categories along with Sunset, PC World, Mother Jones, Mac World, World Vision
and Guitar magazines

Contact: Lindy Lowry, 760-940-0600 ext. 3237 

SAN DIEGO, May 7 — Outreach magazine, one of the fastest-growing periodicals for church leadership, recently took home two prestigious Maggie Awards, beating out other finalists like the Emmy magazine and Barista magazine in the Western Publication Association’s (WPA) 56th Annual Maggie Awards.

On April 27, 2007, at the WPA’s Maggie Awards banquet, Outreach was announced as the winner in both editorial and design categories for the following slots:

  • Special Interest/Trade Overall
    Outreach (November/December 2006)
  • Best Color Editorial Layout/Trade
    “Got Street Smarts?” (November/December 2006)

Under the leadership of Art Director Christi Riddell, Outreach’s graphic designer, Mike Noe, concepted and executed the design and layout for the “Got Street Smarts?” article that helped garner a Maggie award for the magazine in the Best Color Editorial Layout/Trade slot. The six-page article, written by author Mark Batterson, senior pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., discussed the need for church leaders to become more culturally relevant.

The two Maggie Awards represent first WPA wins for the five-year-old magazine. In 2006, the trade publication was named as a finalist in four categories. In 2007, along with the two Maggies, Outreach claimed four finalist spots in both editorial and design categories, including:

  • Best Black & White or Two-Color Editorial Layout/Trade and Consumer
    “Can Mega Be Missional?” (Special Issue Top 100 2006)
  • Best News Story/Trade
    “The American Church in Crisis” (May/June 2006)
  • Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Trade
    “Strangers in the Land” (September/October 2006)
  • Best Web E-Newsletter/Trade & Consumer
    “Reaching Out” (December 2006)

The Maggies are open to all print, Web and digital magazines, tabloids and newsletters published west of the Mississippi River or published for distribution only in western states. Publications are evaluated against their competitors and judged for journalistic and design excellence. More than 500 publications were judged in this year’s competition.

“As we head into our fifth year of publication, this recognition is extremely encouraging,” says Lynne Marian, publisher of the magazine. “Outreach magazine has continued to grow in both editorial and design excellence as we seek to be a gathering place where Christian leadership can discover ideas, gain insight, share stories and be inspired to advance the Kingdom through the outreach efforts of their local church. The fact that we were judged against both Christian and general market magazines is a strong indicator that we’re consistently raising the journalistic bar.”

Over the last five years, Outreach has become known for the publication of its annual report on the Top 100 Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America, as well as its annual awards for the Outreach Resources of the Year. In addition to the Maggies, Outreach has also garnered recognition from Folio, the most prestigious national publishing awards, where it has been named the top Christian magazine for the past two years.

Outreach editorial staff includes Lynne Marian, publisher; Lindy Lowry, editor; Heather Johnson, managing editor; Andrea Bailey, online/associate editor; Tamara Rice, media editor; Jeannie Choi, assistant editor; Aarti Totlani, copy editor; Christi Riddell, art director; and Mike Noe, graphic designer. Columnists/contributing editors include Lee Strobel, Thom S. Rainer, Ed Stetzer, Steve Sjogren, Brad Powell, Brian Mavis and Anthony D. Coppedge. Editorial Advisory Board members include Rudy Carrasco, Lynne Ellis, Randy Frazee, Marlon Hall, Dan Kimball, Michael Lindsay, Mark Mittelberg, Brian Peterson, Rajendra Pillai and Rebecca Manley Pippert.

San Diego, California-based Outreach magazine offers the ideas, insights and stories of today’s outreach-oriented church. First published in January 2003 by Outreach, Inc., Outreach is one of the fastest-growing periodicals for church leadership based on circulation. Outreach is available by subscription or in many Christian and general periodical retailers through Ingram Periodicals Distribution. For information, subscriptions or advertising, visit