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Outreach Magazine wins
EPA Award of Excellence

Outreach magazine was honored with the 2017 Award of Excellence in the Christian Ministry category by the Evangelical Press Association. In addition, the magazine won three Higher Goals Awards, including a First Place in Interview. Outreach magazine was also a Finalist for Western Publishing Association’s Maggie Awards.

Overall comments from the Judge for Award of Excellence
“Masterful magazine-making that is filled with great ideas, strong writing and engaging design. Both in terms of design and editorial content, this magazine delivers quality.”

Overall comments from the Judge for First Place in Interview
“How good was this interview? So good that I ordered the book that inspired the interview before finishing judging this entry. A powerful, data-driven look at the challenges facing the church today.”

Comments from James Long, editor
“Throughout my editorial career, I have been affiliated with the Evangelical Press Association, a group a like-minded magazine people, seeking to improve their craft even as they aspire to elevate Christ. Because of that twofold goal, recognition from EPA has always meant a great deal to me—particularly the celebration of the creative teams I have been privileged to be a part of. I’ve had the honor of working, alongside some of the best writers, editors and designers in Christian publishing, but there’s something unique happening here at Outreach magazine: This team of gifted people (a small group with a comparatively modest budget) is making an out-sized impact on church leadership across the country. And it just keeps getting better. So as we value this recognition from our peers in Christian publishing, we value even more the frequent affirmation we receive from readers—pastors and influential Christian leaders across the country.”

Comments from Tim Downs, art director and Outreach Inc. creative director
“Outreach magazine has won many awards in our 14-year history, but this one is really quite special. It affirms our direction, our message and our leadership in the Christian ministry press. I am so proud to be part of this team and a part of this magazine. Knowing the work we do here at Outreach is helping to build better Christian leaders, and ultimately shaping the church of tomorrow, brings satisfaction and purpose to my daily work like no other job I’ve known. Outreach magazine was the vehicle that  brought me to Outreach Inc., and our publishing team has been a constant source of inspiration and joy for me personally. We are thankful for the honor and recognition given to us by the EPA, and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to work on such a vital project, with such an outstanding group of people, for the past nine and a half years.”