FrontGate’s November News Update!


We can’t believe we’ve already hit mid-November.  This season is going by crazy-fast!  Here are some Christian marketing bullet points we think you’ll want to know…  Let us know what you need help with right now.

  1. Hopefully, you’ve been getting our quarterly calls from Grace Aspinwall checking in on your needs, and keeping you up-to-date on key things from FrontGate.  If you are NOT, then let me know.
  1. Our FrontGate Blogger Network has rec’d a very warm reception with two bookings and two more in paperwork since our announcement just last week.  Click the link to the PDF if you haven’t checked it out. Let us generate reviews AND add new emails to your list.
  1. Thelma Wells’ Generation Love Conferences are coming back to Dallas in January & February.  Book your promo or booth NOW!  See the sponsorship kit.
  1. Orange County Children’s Book Festival 2017 is open for bookings.  Reach kids and families!
  1. If you just got word that Accounting finally gave you back that shipping budget they’ve been holding back, then hit us up for YOUR LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS PUSH from $350 to $3,500.  We’ll find a fit for you in our Web Network, Blogger Network, or Social Marketing options.
  1. Speaking of conferences, we haven’t made this public yet:  Gateway Church’s Pink Impact Conference has joined our Event Network.  I can’t wait for you to see this opportunity: 10,000 women filling the Ft. Worth Convention Center on May 12-13, 2017 just like they do every year.  We’re working on the sponsorship kit now.  Stick on your calendar now.
  1. FrontGate Media Reaches 15 Year Milestone  5,000+ client projects later, WOW… it was humbling to write this press release and look back 15 years.  See below for a few more folks we’re currently adding to the list of who/what we’ve worked on…

Development Campaigns for Jesus Film Streaming Video, Kingdom Games, Holyland Marketplace/Seed of Abraham Ministries, Jeanne Nigro Ministries, and All For Jesus.

Social Marketing for author/speaker Wendie Pett, Pacific Justice Institute, TelePastor & Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.

Public Relations 
for TelePastor, Faith Follow, and Bridgeway Academy, and recently completed Highlands Worship and Bible VR.

Web Network: Direct Email & Site Campaigns for Tyndale, HarperCollins Christian, Motive/The Shack movie, VideoBlocks, Liberty University, and more.

Event Sponsors:  just completed the Ascend Women’s Conference including Compassion International, Logos Bible Software, Museum of the Bible, Christian Bling, and more. Getting ready for Gateway’s Pink Impact and the next 2 Thelma Wells’ Generation Love Conferences!

Let us know what you need help with. It’s that simple. We’re here to help you move forward on your success curve.  We do it all. What do you need help with?