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On the 20th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death
Paraclete Press title passes 20,000 copies in sales;
Excerpted by Fox News

Twenty years after the death of Mother Teresa, I Loved Jesus in the Night: Teresa of Calcutta, A Secret Revealed (Paraclete Press) has broken 20,000 copies in sales and was excerpted this past week on the Fox News website (Opinion) with a very personal account by author Fr. Paul Murray, OP of meeting Mother Teresa: “What struck me at once was something which has been remarked on many times over the years by those fortunate enough to meet Mother Teresa, and that is the radiant joy which shone in her face, a joy which, from moment to moment, seemed to illumine her every expression.”

Paraclete initially published a hardcover edition of I Loved Jesus in the Night in 2009 and subsequently published a paperback edition in 2016. Sales of the hardcover and paperback combined now exceed 20,000 copies. Last year the press also added a sideline product of a wristband with the tagline Doing Something Beautiful for God (over 45,000 sold) which was marketed primarily to Catholic Church Religious Educators. For this ecumenical press, it is a privilege to publish and distribute products about Mother Teresa, one of the spiritual giants of the last century whose life inspires people of all faiths.

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