Odyssey Impact Partners with FrontGate Media to Inspire Communities to Action through Powerful Documentaries 

Orange County, CA – ODYSSEY IMPACT, known for their ability to harness the power of film to create grassroots community impact campaign, has just begun a partnership with FRONTGATE MEDIA, one of the world’s leading Faith and Family marketing agencies.  FrontGate will join with Odyssey Impact to launch and execute campaigns that engage community leaders and influencers with Odyssey Impact’s riveting documentaries and social initiatives through Publicity and FrontGate’s proprietary Blogger Networks. 

The first documentary will be the powerful true story chronicled in THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR.  Nominated for Best Documentary in the 2018 NAACP Image Awards, THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR shares the story that became a catalyst for the civil rights movement.  Recy Taylor was a 24-year-old black mother and sharecropper in 1944 Alabama when she was gang-raped by six white boys as she walked home from church.  While this was a common occurrence in the area, few women spoke up for fear of their lives. Recy was a brave woman who chose to identify and speak out against her rapists. The NAACP sent its rape investigator – Rosa Parks – to Alabama, who rallied support and triggered an unprecedented outcry for justice.

HEALING THE HEALERS presents 5 short 15-minute documentaries, all conversations led by Rev. Matt Crebbin.  Crebbin’s life was forever changed on December 14, 2012, when he received word of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  As the pastor of Sandy Hook’s Newtown Congregational Church, Crebbin and his fellow local faith leaders went into immediate crisis mode, trying to manage their own trauma and the demands of media, all while supporting victims, emergency workers, families, and community members.  HEALING THE HEALERS is a resource to inspire a sacred flood of support for faith leaders who are suffering themselves as they serve others in the midst of an emergency or disaster, helping them identify ways they can acknowledge and personally recover from trauma while ministering to their hurting communities.

“FrontGate understands our passion for sharing each other’s stories – especially through the eyes of Faith,” states Nick Stuart, CEO of Odyssey Impact. “We are excited to partner with FrontGate to increase our film screenings and bring these powerful stories to the Christian audience.  Faith is a key element in every part of life: personal and communal. We hope our documentaries encourage the Christian audience to speak out, seek justice, and find hope in all situations.”

“Odyssey Impact has an amazing commitment to changing the world by telling powerful true stories,” shares Scott A. Shuford, Founder, and President of FrontGate Media. “We are thrilled to bring these documentaries to new audiences in Faith communities around the country to inspire film screenings that lead to conversation, healing, and understanding.”  

About Odyssey Impact:
Odyssey Impact is a team of exceptional film and social justice professionals who believe that powerful documentaries can motivate people to do great things. We strategically build and execute social impact campaigns around award-winning documentaries to inspire people of all faiths and good will to engage with their communities on impact issues in their lives. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to mobilize individuals, communities of all faiths, change-makers, influencers, and private sector partners to nurture justice, hope, compassion, and understanding. Our social impact campaigns address issues at the heart of our society such as poverty, gun violence, mass incarceration, racial justice, intolerance, hate crimes, and gender violence, to name a few. http://www.odyssey-impact.org 

About FrontGate Media
Award-winning FrontGate Media is the leading marketing agency and media group specializing in the faith and family audience.  With a 19-year track record of success, the firm serves as “Your Gateway to the Christian Audience.” FrontGate’s full-service agency and media group has been trusted with over 5,000 campaigns, providing Faith-based market Strategy Development, Public Relations, Social Media & Marketing, and Media Buying. FrontGate’s own Web & Events Network also provides reach to tens of millions of people each month via their sites, events and email subscribers.  Founded in 2001, FrontGate has repeatedly been honored in the Internet Advertising Competition and the WebAwards. The company plays a key role in the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking faith-based and family-friendly audiences. http://FrontGateMedia.com