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William B. Eerdmans Jr. dies at 97

William B. Eerdmans Jr. died on November 13. He led the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company for more than fifty years, and started work at the company when he was thirteen. He became president of the Eerdmans Publishing Co. in 1963, taking over from his father, Bill Eerdmans Sr., who founded the company in 1911.

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Jill Kinnaman dies; wife of Barna president Dave Kinnaman

From Dave Kinnaman — “On October 28, my wife, Jill, passed away from brain cancer. As you may know, it’s been more than a three-year journey for her—and for all of us who were consistently buoyed by her kindness, love and resilience. We knew that her cancer was terminal, and we’ve had 41 months to prepare ourselves, but the loss is extremely difficult.”