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Oasis International and Tyndale House Foundation come together to provide relief to African booksellers

African Booksellers Fed and Encouraged During the COVID Crisis

CHICAGO, Feb. 11, 2021 — Oasis International’s bookselling partners in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda struggled to provide for their families with food and essential goods due to the effects of the COVID19 pandemic. For most of these families, one week’s pay usually provides the next week’s food. Many of them were furloughed without pay, or with drastic income reduction.

“Oasis International’s mission to grow discipleship through publishing African voices would not be possible without our partners in Africa,” says Matthew Elliott, Oasis’s President, “as the distribution of both our books and Bibles, that meet the specific needs of Africa, and Tyndale’s line of life-changing and inspirational Christian books and Bibles is accomplished through these booksellers across the continent.”

Committed to preserve these businesses and the families they represent, an appeal to Oasis supporters was launched with the plea to give to these hardworking families the food and supplies they desperately needed. The Lord honored the request and the response was generous. Oasis saw their supporters “…share freely and give generously to those in need.” (Psalm 112:9a).

Within a month of requesting support through Oasis’s social media platforms and website beginning in June 2020, over $6,000 was raised, enough to provide for 30 families. As the pandemic continued to impact the bookselling industry in Africa, a second funding effort was launched to which the Tyndale House Foundation gave a lead gift as part of their COVID relief funding. Jeremy Taylor, President of the foundation said, “We at Tyndale wanted to be part of this effort from the moment we heard what Oasis was doing. We were honored to help provide assistance for these families who are engaged in publishing and selling books.”

The total raised, now approaching $20,000, has provided relief for 10 organizations and 100 families in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya. A few of their stories follow:

“We wish to most sincerely thank you and indeed other supporters who have been consistently supporting us at every critical time especially when we need assistance. There is every likelihood that Nigeria may face another round of lockdown, so this provision arrives at an appropriate time to support all of us economically.” — Shehu G Singhriku, Managing Director, Oasis Distributions Ltd, Nigeria

“[Thank you] so much for the Pandemic Relief …which we received. It went a long way in buying food. The staff were very happy [and] thankful and prayed for Oasis and your team. We are told that during happier moments one has a lot of friends but during difficult and trying moments one gets to know his true and real friends. And for us Oasis is not just a business partner but a true friend.” — Staff of Keswick Books and Gifts Ltd, Kenya

“As a single parent and provider, I can never emphasize enough how much your financial assistance has enabled us to put food on the table and meet our basic obligations.” — Bongani Makofane, Oasis Publishing Africa, South Africa

“We received the Covid relief funds with appreciation. We used the funds in supporting the staff by purchasing Christmas vouchers for them. The staff were very happy for the fund.” — Pauline M., Ufungamano House and Bookshop, Kenya

The need of food and essential goods for these booksellers is ongoing and remains a desperate situation for many. For more information on how to give to help these Christian booksellers provide for their families during the COVID19 pandemic, go to

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