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Did you see the devotional we created for Pope Francis?

FrontGate PR’s team has been busy serving our publishing, movie, non-profit and music clients. Read the press release about this part of our work for Pope Francis and then click to download your free copy of the Wake Up! Devotional.Album_cover_wake up

I invite you to get to know Terry Warren, the Director of FrontGate PR.


Meet at NRB?nrb

Contact us below to schedule your meeting.

Meet with Terry Warren & Scott A Shuford to discuss PR & Social, Strategy Development, or a Custom Project.

  • Set PR & Social, Strategy or Custom Project Meeting – Call Scott A. Shuford at 949-528-3359

Set an appointment to meet with Mike Hatcher to discuss Web Site Partnerships, Washington Times Special Sections, Native Content, Direct Email Campaigns, Customized Partnerships, and Social Marketing.

  • Set Digital, Events, or Social Marketing Meeting. – Call Mike Hatcher at 949-528-3400.

New Marketing Services

1. SplashPlay Trivia
“Trivia with a Purpose”

Learn how our SplashPlay Trivia Game makes the #1 mobile gaming trend work for you:Splash-Play-Logo Art

Non-profits will learn how “game-fied” fundraising which costs the charity nothing will increase your revenue stream, branding engagement, and social footprint as adopted by charities like the Queen of Hearts FoundationWorld Professional Rodeo SportGroup and the Georgia Aquarium.

For-profit companies like Papa Johns and Georgia Pacific as well as independent authors, music artists, filmmakers and more are using this trivia gaming system to develop ongoing customer loyaltyincrease sales of their products, and expand their social footprint.

Contact us to schedule a SplashPlay Demo.

FG WebNetwork2. Annual Partnerships

After 15 years, we’ve seen what has worked and probably more importantly, what hasn’t.

Our Annual Partnership Packages for leading sites like NewReleaseToday, The Book Club Network, Rapzilla, OnFaith, iTickets and more generate up to 300% more engagement or looked at from a budget standpoint, decrease your costs as low as 1/2 or 1/3 for the same promotions when booked one at a time.  Annual partnerships are better than one by one bookings…

And by “better,” we mean the “more effective” and “maximized budget” kind of  better.

Contact Mike Hatcher at 949 528 3400 to discuss what works (and what doesn’t) or use our Contact Form.

Should Lead Generation be a top goal?

If you are making repeat offerings like books, music, gifts, or even charitable giving offers specifically targeted to the Christian audience, then that answer is YES!

You should own an ever growing email list and Facebook following that establishes the base for everything you do.

We will build a list for you to MONETIZE your “owned” audience for crowd-funding or to sell product and related merchandise to, and ACTIVATE your owned audience to do the things you need for promotion, recruitment, and more.

Contact us to request our Lead Generation Overview.


When I started FrontGate 15 years ago, my call was clear: Marketing & Ministry.

I’m a dot connector. I connect people to people and ideas.  I always have. FrontGate Media is all about connecting, communicating, and serving the faith-based audience.
Our vision is to serve marketers by connecting them to the Christian audiences they desire to reach, and to do so in creative and effective ways, like the things you just read about in this newsletter.

Let’s get creative… no…. let’s gets effective together!

Scott A. ShufordHope to see you at NRB!

Scott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer

FrontGate Media

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