Noted Counselor Michelle Hollomon Releases GOD UNWRAPPED

Book Examines the Correlation Between Our Perceptions of God and Our Success and Security in Life.

Tulsa, OK – Throughout her career as a counselor in Seattle, WA, Michelle Hollomon has been intrigued by the correlation between clients’ perception of God, and their ability to be successful in life. Now the stories and research that have connected the dots have been compiled into the book GOD UNWRAPPED: GOD IS LOVE…BUT NOT THE KIND YOU ARE USED TO (Harrison House, 2011).

Various misconceptions about God are closely linked to the god-figures we had growing up, such as parents, teachers, coaches, and pastors.  We were raised by imperfect people and without even knowing it, we developed destructive views of an imperfect God. 

“Our view of God is the most powerful indicator of our success in life,” Hollomon explains, “If our perception of God is warped in any way, it can devastate how we relate to ourselves and others, ultimately leaving us disappointed with God and life.”

Broken down into 31 short chapters with study questions, God Unwrapped is a perfect book for the individual, small group, Sunday School, women’s ministry or for personal devotions. 

Each short chapter is made up of a theme, followed by straightforward, engaging personal stories and humorous antidotes modeling the concept.  Mixing her personal and professional life, Hollomon is transparent in examining the idea that God truly loves us for who we are, not who we ought to be.  By realizing that God loves us unconditionally, as his beloved child, we can begin to live passionate lives of success, hope and significance.  

“I ended each chapter with an ‘Intention Statement’, a simple truth about God’s love to dwell on for that day,” Hollomon continues. “By setting our minds on the genuine, endearing, passionate love that God has for us, we are set free to live powerful lives.  He wants us to reach our full potential, living confidently in the grip of His grace. It is possible to be free of guilt, worry and regret, and it all starts with learning who God really is.”

GOD UNWRAPPED:  GOD IS LOVE…BUT NOT THE KIND YOU ARE USED TO by Michelle Hollomon, available in stores and online through Harrison House Publishing.

About the Author:

Michelle Hollomon is a licensed counselor and certified professional coach, who has devoted thousands of hours to helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. She received her Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University in Virginia after undergraduate studies in Communication from the University of Northern Colorado. Her unique communication style allows her to temper the gravity of serious issues with the hope and humor of a person who s been there and overcome. Michelle‘s work includes resolving couples conflicts, overcoming depression and anxiety, and dealing with issues related to spirituality. She coaches organizational leaders to develop the relationship and emotional skills they need to professional success. Michelle is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. She is married with two children and resides in Seattle, Washington.

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