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Nord Compo is open for business

APRIL 13, 2020 — People all over the globe are feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  For our part, we’ve had to overcome tough challenges on two continents.  In France, where we have 150 employees, it’s been a rough ride because of the nationwide lockdown, but with our employees’ safety as our first concern, we were among the earliest to convert to a work-from-home model. Working through several weekends, our IT department modified our tools and VPN to allow all of our employees to do everything from home that they could do at the office (except gossip at the water cooler).

Our Madagascar production center, where we have 350 employees, was more of a challenge.  Internet access at home and car ownership are luxuries few can afford.  It was among the last countries on Earth to report its first case of Coronavirus.  But while hoping and praying that it would not arrive, we knew that it was inevitable and we took appropriate actions.  As soon as the first case was reported, we pulled the trigger, purchasing over 300 laptops and pre-paid cell phones (for internet) for most of our employees.  We also hired a private transportation company to ferry the skeleton crew we have still working from the office (with appropriate safety and distancing measures) back and forth to home and work each day, as the country suspended most public transportation service.

So, bottom line- we are at full capacity, our employees have jobs, and are being kept safe.

Nord Compo provides a wide range of services to streamline and improve book production, including pre-press composition, digital services, and design services.  They help publishers of all sizes and support the ECPA industry as a 2020 industry partner.  For more information, contact Larry Bennett at