Project Inspired Joins FrontGate Media

Nicole Weider’s Project Inspired Site for Teen Girls Joins FrontGate Media for Exclusive Representation of Advertising and Promotions


Website and Brand Launched to Create a Safe Haven for Teen Girls to Educate, Inform and Inspire


Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media; the leading culture-engaged, faith-based media & marketing group, announced today the addition of to their growing media group roster.


Project Inspired was created by successful model Nicole Weider, and seeks to provide wisdom, truth and honest answers to a generation of young women who are at a pivotal age in their development. Together, with Mind Over Media L.L.C., Nicole and her team strive to provide a safe haven, where no topic is off limits and every girl is inspired to lead a meaningful life. 


The site has already gained incredible traction. Since its launch in Spring 2011, the site has had noticeable month-by-month growth.  In the past month, the site had over 41,000 unique visitors and 281,000 pageviews.  The brand’s Facebook page has an active audience with over 26,000 likes, proving that Project Inspired is not only reaching teen girls, it’s engaging them.


In a July 2012 readers poll, 28.7% of readers report that they view the site daily, 38.4% report site-use several times a week, and 17.5% once a week, creating an incredible 84.6% of users engaging on the site on a weekly basis.  Three quarters of the girls surveyed are active participants in the Project Inspired Facebook community. The numbers get even more impressive with 93.2% being extremely satisfied or satisfied with the Project Inspired experience.  


Topics on the site include: Culture Shock (the shocking truth about lies told in our media and by the ‘role models’ who influence our culture), The Christian Secret (the secret to keeping your life on the right path is a relationship with Jesus), Real Beauty (the pages that celebrate a woman’s natural beauty, and encourage a healthy lifestyle), Love (the key to building strong, lasting relationships, including friends, family, dating) and My Passions and Fashion (the people, and products that promote positive values).


Scott A. Shuford, founder and president of FrontGate Media, has been working with the Project Inspired brand for nearly a year and understands the importance of a site like this for teens. “Our teen girls are growing up in a damaged, at times horrific, world of false beauty, relationships and role models. Nicole’s refreshing reality and faith are redeeming our girls, and have built her a very loyal following,” explains Shuford. “The Project Inspired brand is completely connected to faith-based, Christian teen girls and has one of the highest engagement levels I’ve ever seen.”


Project Inspired also emphasizes activism as is evident in the brand’s Anti-Cosmo Campaign, a call to action requesting that Cosmopolitan Magazine be sold only to adults and wrapped in a non-transparent bag due to its immoral and inappropriate content. This campaign has already received the attention of the Secretary of the Commission of the FTC.  At over 35,000 and growing, concerned citizens continue to support Nicole’s petition, (, as well as committing to write monthly letters to the editor, advertisers and the FTC asking that Cosmopolitan be responsible for not only the magazine’s content, but the age and maturity of their potential readership.


“We are happy to partner with FrontGate Media, as they truly understand what Project Inspired is about, as a business and a ministry,” states Susan Gates, Partner at Mind Over Media.  “We look forward to working together to build a brand that can truly make a positive impact on girls worldwide.”


Promotional opportunities available through can be found on the Media Kits channel at


About Project Inspired was created in 2011 to show young girls how to be their own best self ( The site examines faith, relationships, fashion, role models, culture and true beauty, all in a safe, caring and positive environment.  Founder Nicole Weider draws from her own experiences to make the message clear: Be a person of value and confidence through leading a true Christian life. was created with Mind Over Media, L.L.C., a full-service, cross-platform content development and media packaging company.


About Mind Over Media
Mind Over Media, LLC ( is a full-service, cross-platform content development and custom publishing company. Its client roster includes American Express, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Los Angeles Times and American Media, Inc. The company’s headquarters are in Santa Monica, California.


About FrontGate Media
FrontGate Media ( is the largest internet & event media group and marketing service reaching the culture-engaged faith and family values audience which represents $4.6 billion worth of Christian products purchased by consumers annually according to “USA Today.” The firm has been named the Best Faith-based Website by the Web Marketing Association in the Internet Advertising Competition, and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011. The FrontGate Media group creates relationship and reach for organizations and companies to engage their more than 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, and 600,000+ attendees at annual events. The media group is #1 in reach to several consumer and leadership demographics in the faith and family values audience including event attendees, entertainment fans, music fans, church musicians and worship leaders, and political conservatives. FrontGate plays a key role in the success of faith-based, faith-friendly and family-friendly movie studios, non-profit organizations, publishers and authors, record labels and artists and more seeking to engage the Christian audience.



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