Former Model Focuses on Website that Helps Young Women Lead a More Meaningful Life

nicoleweiderLos Angeles, CA – Nicole Weider has transformed her life from being a rising starlet and lingerie model to being a positive role model for young girls through her website Her incredible testimony will be shared tonight on ABC’s late-night news program NIGHTLINE.

ABC Correspondent Cecilia Vega traveled to Weider’s Los Angeles home to hear her story firsthand. Weider began modeling at the age of 5, and at the age of 16 moved to Hollywood to start a career modeling for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Maxim and True Religion.  Admittedly young and naïve, she jumped into the dark-side of the celebrity lifestyle built on excess. But by the age of 23, she had fallen into a deep depression.  While she was receiving the professional acclaim she was seeking, her self-image was slowly disintegrating under the constant scrutiny of agents stating she wasn’t thin enough, or beautiful enough.

Out of desperation she cried out to God, and at that moment, everything changed.

While pursuing her new-found path with God, Nicole discovered her true calling: being a mentor, encouraging young women to lead lives of faith, grace and confidence. She created where she offers truthful, unbiased opinions and advice to teens in a safe environment on topics of beauty, fashion, culture, media and faith.  Her unprecedented access and activity on the site gives the readers the feeling of having a big sister to confide in, while her experience living the life of a Hollywood starlet gives her a unique perspective, platform and voice.

Nightline airs nationally at 12:35am EST / 11:30pm CST on ABC.

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