Last Wednesday, Newt Gingrich made his much-anticipated announcement that he will seek the Republican nomination for President.

Beyond its political implications, Gingrich’s announcement presents an unprecedented opportunity for faith-based advertisers, or really any advertisers, looking to sponsor the Newt Gingrich Letter. This free e-letter is published ONLY Human Events, which is part of our FrontGate Media group. It is sent to hundreds of thousands of Newt’s loyal followers. With the highly increased level of media attention and visibility he will now receive, the Newt Gingrich Letter will surely be drawing even more engaged faith-based conservatives as they keep up with the candidates.

Sponsorship of the Newt Gingrich Letter is the ONLY opportunity available to advertisers in the faith-based & conservative marketplaces in which you can directly align your brand and message with a presidential candidate.

From the readers survey, a massive 87% of the subscribers have stated that Faith plays an important role in their life.  This represents a tremendous opportunity for connecting with and reeling in his audience for your faith-based product, cause or service.

I’m very excited about the amazing scale and level that this opportunity presents!   See the details in our media kit.  Slots are available while they last.  Reach out to your FrontGate Promotions Manager here in the office for more information.