In this time of political and social turmoil, the church community has so much to say through our Christian books, ministries and causes, education and more feeding into these discussions.

If that includes you, here’s a special you’ll be interested in from FrontGate’s Web Network member Newsmax.

Have you ever considered testing the power of the Dick Morris audience?

This list of 250,000 opt-in readers receives high open rates and delivers great response. The list is built from registered readers of Dick Morris’ popular website through double opt-in subscriptions.

  • A political news analyst, Dick Morris is one of the nation’s leading political strategists.
  • Time magazine dubbed him “the most influential private citizen in America.”
  • Unlike most pundits, Morris reaches both sides of the aisle.
  • Morris handled the winning campaigns of President Bill Clinton, Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Pete Wilson of California and more than 30 other major candidates.

Today, Morris focuses his energies as a media commentator and author. He pens regular columns for the New York Post, Newsmax, The Hill, and dozens of publications.

Dick Morris Email List Demographics:

•    Male 69% / Female 31%
•    59% age 35-64
•    40% earn $100,000+ annually
•    34% business owners or top executives
•    87% have been to college; 31% with bachelor’s degree; 29% graduate degree
•    84% donate to: charities, political causes, or religious organizations

Quantity and Rates:

Any direct email booking for the Dick Morris 3-day Lunch Alert booked this month comes with a half-price 3-day Election Alert package in the same week!  

3 day Lunch Alert – $4,500
add 3 day Election Alert – only $1,500  (regularly $3,000!)

Buy the Lunch Alert and get the Election Alert for 1/2 off!

1. Dick Morris Lunch Alert
Includes 3 deployment days and mention in Dick’s Lunch Alert Video

•    255,000 subscribers
•    **Video Script (1/2 page) needs to be in 2 weeks ahead of time**
•    300×250 Image – Only one
•    160×600 Banner Image – Only one
•    Video
•    Blurb
•    Text Link
•    Sponsor Name
•    Test/Seed List

2. Dick Morris Election Alert 
Includes 3 deployment days and mention in Dick’s Election Alert Video

•    255,000 subscribers
•    No Video included
•    Special Headline/URL
•    160×600 Banner Image
•    300×250 Image
•    Text Link
•    Test/Seed List

3. Dick Morris Exclusive – your direct email ad with HTML & Subline

•    245,000 names normally at an $11.00 CPM ON SPECIAL for a limited time for $6.50 CPM.
•    Total price regularly $2,695.00 – ON SPECIAL for a limited time $1592.50
•    Avails: Sat., Sun, and Monday avails only for the $6.50 CPM. Otherwise full rate.

Availability for these sends are limited; contact me today to reserve your date.

To find out more about the Dick Morris list and FrontGate’s other email list opportunities to reach our more than 20 million email subscribers, contact us at 949-528-3359.

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