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News10 ABC anchor’s book featured on Fox News
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February 28, 2019 — More than 800 people stood in line for five hours at the Albany Barnes & Noble for the chance to meet a man and his dog who are changing lives.

John Gray, the Emmy Award-winning journalist and author and his seeing- and hearing-impaired dog named Keller are telling a story of love and hope that is needed now more than ever. Their message is simple: “For anyone who has ever felt different, alone, or faced special challenges. You are unique. You are beautiful. You are loved.”

On Wednesday evening, February 27, Gray’s message of love and hope spread to thousands more thanks to Fox News Channel’s “The Five.” A producer there learned about Keller’s Heart (Paraclete Press)the story of Gray and his wife’s blind and deaf adopted dog, Keller. Now Keller’s Heart is making an even bigger impression on readers across the country, especially those with special needs who need Keller’s message of love, encouragement, and hope. See the clip here.

Gray had previously gained media attention from Faithwire, who reported about how Gray refused to remove God from his first book, God Needed a Puppy, contrary to the request of publishers. After Gray decided to self-publish, his agent found Paraclete Press, a Christian publisher in Massachusetts, who enthusiastically took on the book. Subsequently Paraclete has published God Needed A Puppy and the new Keller’s Heart. Both books consistently achieve bestseller rankings across various Amazon categories. Keller’s Heart reached #29 on Amazon’s bestseller list among all books published, in the hours after Dana Perino’s feature on “The Five.”

John Gray is an Emmy award-winning television journalist and columnist in upstate New York, as well as a husband, father, and author. He and his wife, Courtney, live in the Albany area with four beloved four-footed companions: Keller, German shepherds Sebastian and Winston, and the newest addition to the pack, Eli (another Aussie with hearing and sight issues like Keller). John is the author of the bestsellers God Needed a Puppy and Keller’s Heart.