Rancho Santa Margarita, CA &ndash Often seen as the 800 pound gorilla in the room, most pastors and church leaders have struggled to engage men toward the church&rsquos mission and vision not only locally, but globally.&nbsp Now, with&nbspSLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God, Kenny Luck, Men&rsquos Pastor at Saddleback Church and founder of Every Man Ministries, along with Tom Crick, Director of Small Group Health at Saddleback Church gives needed strong medicine addressing the most challenging ministry segment in the church.

The Bible, Luck argues in the book, portrays a God who loves righteousness and justice.&nbsp But how can the church deliver that justice if it is not effectively reaching, relating to, and transforming cultural man?&nbsp It can only help the victims, not deal with the source.

Sleeping Giant by Kenny LuckSLEEPING GIANT&nbspis a proven blueprint for giving men an articulated and visible vision.&nbsp By using what the book refers to as the &ldquospiritual pathway,&rdquo -&nbspGet In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, Get Going&nbsp&ndash churches receive the critical ingredients that create wide participation and transformation with men, moving them from&nbspCrowd to Core.

When men become stakeholders in the ongoing mission of the church, they discover significance previously found primarily in a secular environment.&nbsp A church that empowers transformation of men helps itself by winning the loyalty, energy, and expression of its men toward the congregation&rsquos larger needs, mission, and vision.

Specifically, Luck asserts that churches that build strong communities of men can slay another global giant: injustice.&nbsp &ldquoIf the church really cares about women and children, it will invest in reaching men because men and broken male culture are at the root of all global injustices.&nbsp Pain resonates deeply and churches that become centers of masculine transformation will become immediately relevant to a watching world.&rdquo

&ldquoWhen a man&rsquos character and conduct become healthy, it changes everything, particularly for the women and children in the &lsquoblast zone&rsquo of his life,&rdquo explains Luck. &ldquoThis is profoundly simple, and heavily opposed by negative cultural and spiritual forces for obvious reasons. A weak vision for men in the church reflects a greater battle, with evil having the largest stake in failure or minimization of success. Men&rsquos ministry in the church is not easy. It is plagued internally, simply because a great deal is at stake for the Enemy.&rdquo

In this sense,&nbspSLEEPING GIANT&nbspis the first book of its kind to contextualize vibrant men&rsquos ministry within the church&rsquos role missionally in the world where, Luck asserts, &ldquoWe are continuing to plant functional matriarchies.&rdquo

The strategies discussed in&nbspSLEEPING GIANT&nbsphave not only been proven effective at Saddleback Church where Luck and Crick are on staff, they have been tested and verified through Purpose Driven Network churches of all sizes across the nation. &ldquoWe were struggling to establish a dynamic men’s ministry. That is no longer the case,&rdquo explains Pastor&nbspKevin Springer&nbspof Living Oaks Community Church and the author of&nbspPower Evangelism. &ldquoOur church now has new men’s small groups meeting weekly, with plans for expansion and leadership development in the future thanks to Kenny&rsquos model represented in&nbspSleeping Giant.&nbspIt started a revolution that infected our men, their marriages, and our overall leadership.&quot

Others agree:

&ldquoThis book is neither flamboyant nor extravagant&hellip it&rsquos not melodramatic nor controversial &ndash it is simply HELPFUL.&nbsp Few books that I have seen in recent years so explore unexplored potential in the church as this one does.&nbsp Kenny Luck has offered an opportunity that we must not miss, here is HELP for all of us, don&rsquot miss it!&rdquo -&nbspRev. Dr. Clive Calver,&nbspFormer President, World Relief. Senior Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church.

&ldquoI have been working with men for the past 20 years of my life and this book is the best book on how to minister to men I have read, because it comes from someone who is actually doing it in the context of the local church. It is a must read for any pastor or leader serious about awakening the sleeping giant of the church – the men. Thank you, Kenny.&rdquo -&nbspSteve Sonderman,&nbspAssociate Pastor of Men&rsquos Ministry, Elmbrook Church. Author,&nbspHow to Build A Life-Changing Men&rsquos Ministry.

&ldquoSleeping Giant&nbspwill fuel new dreams for your ministry. What would it look like if the men in and around your church began to operate fully under the lordship of Christ, become spiritual leaders in their homes, and then out of their homes, stand tall for Christ in the community and enthusiastically align the vision and mission for your church?&nbsp Wow! I would urge you to allow God to use Kenny Luck and&nbspSleeping Giant&nbspto fuel these dreams.&rdquo &ndash&nbspBrian Doyle,&nbspfounder and president of Iron Sharpens Iron.

SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God,&nbspby Kenny Luck and Tom Crick, is published through B&ampH Publishing Group and LifeWay Christian Resources.&nbsp The book and the DVD Leader Training Kit are in stores everywhere or available at&nbsphttp://LifeWay.com/KennyLuck.&nbsp&nbsp &nbspWatch Kenny Luck&rsquos intro to&nbspSLEEPING GIANT&nbspat&nbsphttp://bcove.me/dj7bxjg5.


Men's Expert Kenny LuckAbout&nbspKENNY LUCK
Kenny Luck is a men&rsquos expert, speaker, an ECPA platinum award-winning author of the God&rsquos Man and Every Man series, pastor of men at Saddleback Church, and founder of Every Man Ministries which provides conferences, training, and resources to lead the men’s movement worldwide. At Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Luck leads 7,000 men participating in weekly small group gatherings. He has authored and coauthored 20 books, including&nbspEvery Man, God&rsquos Man, and the four books in the God&rsquos Man series:&nbspRisk, Dream, Fight&nbspand&nbspSoar.&nbspHe and his wife Chrissy have three children. Follow Kenny at&nbsphttp://Twitter.com/Kenny_Luck&nbspor&nbsphttp://Facebook.com/KennyLuck.

About&nbspTOM CRICK
Tom is currently the Director of Small Group Health at Saddleback Church and has worked with Kenny for the last ten years developing the&nbspSleeping Giant&nbspmodel. Tom and his wife Jane serve together mentoring married couples.

For the past 10 years, Every Man Ministries has been dedicated to revolutionizing men&rsquos ministry, freeing men spiritually, and empowering healthy family formation worldwide.&nbsp Every Man Ministries helps churches develop, grow, and maintain strong men&rsquos communities that support the mission and vision of the local pastor and church.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsphttp://www.EveryManMinistries.com


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