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March VS February 2011 (1-28)

366,378 Visits
Previous: 346,652 (+5.69%)

295,516 Absolute Unique Visitors
Previous: 274,752 (+7.56%)

775,403 Pageviews
Previous: 724,692 (+7.00%)

Record Breaking Traffic Yesterday
We had our first 17,000+ visitor day yesterday, Tuesday, March 29th, ending at 17,050 visits (15,478 Absolute Unique) and 39,220 pageviews! That bested our previous record day of traffic on February 15th by 6.6% in visits and 2.3% in pageviews.

NRT Radio Continues To Grow
Our latest venture, launched in September 2010 is NRT Radio (heard online at We’ve seen listeners grow by 24% this month and continue to view this as priority growth of the NRT brand.

Total Sessions: 10,547
Previous: 8,828 (+16.29%)

Unique Listeners: 4,200
Previous: 3,209 (+23.59%)

Total Listening Hours (TLH): 10,491.68
Previous: 9,414.05 (+10.27%)

Average Session Length: 59.7 minutes
Previous: 64.0 minutes

Dove Award Nomination Radio Special Update
Our Dove Award Nomination Radio Special will be broadcast on 120+ stations starting this weekend for the next three weeks, featuring many of your artists and songs. We’re honored to be partnering with the GMA on this level and creating unique content for our industry heading into the biggest night in Christian music. Please keep this in your prayers as we move forward. The potential impact for NRT is huge as we continue to brand NRT in the market.

What’s Ahead For NRT
NRT will be covering the Dove Awards live from Atlanta in April and we just locked down massive coverage and presence at Creation Festival East and West, which will truly be the first time we’ve marketed NRT straight to Christian music fans outside of word-of-mouth. We also recently redesign our home page and our video database page and will continue to work on redesigning the main sections of our site, adding technology to better navigate the largest Christian music database online.