Rancho Santa Margarita, CA &ndash Has the church orphaned its own men to outside culture?&nbsp Based on their behaviors, the unequivocal answer to that question is a resounding &ldquoyes&rdquo with few exceptions.&nbsp Men are the most under-reached audience within our churches, with millions affiliated, but not activated.&nbsp When men are aligned with culture: the church, women and children suffer. When men are aligned with God: the church, women and children thrive. SLEEPING GIANT is the total solution and process that equips pastors and leaders to empower the men of the church to align with the senior pastor&rsquos vision, transforming not only individual churches, but the surrounding culture as well. &nbsp

Kenny Luck - Sleeping GiantKenny Luck - Sleeping GiantSleeping Giant is the BLUEPRINT for churches to move men from the audience to the army.&nbsp The book, DVD resources kit, and up to 52 weeks of curriculum are the master work from pastor and practitioner Kenny Luck, Men&rsquos Pastor at Saddleback Church and Founder of Every Man Ministries, along with Tom Crick, Director of Small Group Health at Saddleback Church.&nbsp

Most men&rsquos curriculum and programming helps the men, but not the pastor.&nbsp What distinguishes the Sleeping Giant system is that it is PASTORcentric. As both pastors and the men they lead engage in this process, they are brought together, linked by a Kingdom vision and unified under the mission of the church.

What makes the Sleeping Giant process unique is that it was developed and tested by pastors for use by other pastors and their men. This &ldquoCrowd to Core&rdquo strategy was developed inside the church, not as an outside, para-church movement. The Sleeping Giant system is an easily adopted, complete, time-tested solution.

Many pastors see the need, but not the way to effectively engage men in their church.&nbsp Deep down, they know that their men have not been moved toward the mission and vision of the local church on the same scale as their women.&nbsp As a consequence, Luck reveals that most churched men feel further detached from worship and left only with worldly expressions of manhood to fuel their identity.&nbsp As Luck puts it, &ldquoBecause we have not provided a clear vision and pathway that resonates deeply for men, by default we are orphaning them to the culture in a broken quest for validation. Sons of Christ are seeking to establish their value and find meaning by becoming sons of culture.&nbsp It feels and looks as dysfunctional as it sounds, but the research doesn&rsquot lie and most pastors know it.&rdquo

Developed and refined over ten years both at Saddleback and through various small, medium and large churches in the Purpose Driven Church network, SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God, is now available through LifeWay Church Resources and B&ampH Publishing Group as the cornerstone for a multi-year focus by LifeWay on Men&rsquos Ministry.

Sleeping Giant was written for pastors and men worldwide.&nbsp The book is not shy about revealing this &ldquobroken bone&rdquo in the Body of Christ (the men) and the consequences for the church in letting it remain that way.&nbsp

With a targeted and precise process, what Luck and Crick call the &lsquoSpiritual Pathway&rsquo, four critical ingredients are central to wide participation and success with men.&nbsp The men&rsquos pathway must call men in the congregation, as well as the community to: Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going.

This documented process, already implemented by other churches, is now available worldwide. It is drawing rave reviews from a wide array of top evangelical church and thought leaders who see the timing and relevance of Sleeping Giant as critical to the church&rsquos current and future health.&nbsp Among these, an obvious supporter is the first beneficiary of the development process for Sleeping Giant. Pastor Rick Warren implores church leaders to experience the benefits of a community of men mobilized to support their pastor: &ldquoIn Sleeping Giant, my men&rsquos pastor Kenny Luck gives you a local church blueprint for moving men from the audience to the army in your congregation.&nbsp Let him help you build a leader-making engine that supports the vision of your church.&rdquo&nbsp

Other endorsers agree with and affirm Warren&rsquos exhortation:

&ldquoSleeping Giant does what it infers &ndash awakening men to their calling and potential.&nbsp Every pastor, church, and leader that desires to activate men for God&rsquos work should read this book, and so should every man.&nbsp It&rsquos a life-changer and a church-changer.&rdquo&nbsp George O. Wood, General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

&ldquoAs one of the most respected men’s ministry leaders in the country, Luck has taken his years of hard-earned experience to create a rare and effective resource for pastors who struggle to enlist men into God’s magnanimous will.&nbsp In Sleeping Giant, I especially appreciate his emphasis on justice, which is so important to God and to male spirituality. Consume this manifesto. Deploy its power today.&rdquo Paul Coughlin, Founder, The Protectors: Freedom From Bullying&mdashCourage &amp Character for Life Author, No More Christian Nice Guy.

&ldquoSleeping Giant is a Masterpiece!&nbsp As I read it, my heart leaped inside.&nbsp I can&rsquot wait for pastors and men&rsquos ministry leaders to begin using it to awaken the Sleeping Giant in their churches and communities to reach and transform broken culture.&rdquo &nbspKeith Burkhart, Family and Men&rsquos Ministry Specialist, Baptist General Convention.

Kenny Luck is available in person or via simulcast to help launch the Sleeping Giant process in any church.&nbsp Contact Every Man Ministries for more information at 949-609-8780 or http://www.EveryManMinistries.com/Contact.htm. &nbsp

To view Kenny&rsquos personal video intro to Sleeping Giant, click here: http://www.EveryManMinistries.com/SleepingGiant.

Hear direct from Kenny Luck about Sleeping Giant

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SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God, by Kenny Luck and Tom Crick, is published through B&ampH Publishing Group and LifeWay Christian Resources.&nbsp The book and the DVD Leader Training Kit are in stores everywhere or available at http://LifeWay.com/KennyLuck. &nbsp&nbsp

Kenny Luck is a men&rsquos expert: speaker, author, founder and president of Every Man Ministries, and the men&rsquos pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, where 7,000 men participate in weekly small group gatherings. He is an award-winning author who has authored and coauthored 20 books, including Every Man, God&rsquos Man, and the four books in the God&rsquos Man series: Risk, Dream, Fight and Soar. He and his wife Chrissy have three children. Follow Kenny at http://Twitter.com/Kenny_Luck or http://Facebook.com/KennyLuck.

Tom is currently the Director of Small Group Health at Saddleback Church and has worked with Kenny for the last ten years developing the Sleeping Giant model. Tom and his wife Jane serve together mentoring married couples.

For the past 10 years, Every Man Ministries has been dedicated to revolutionizing men&rsquos ministry, freeing men spiritually, and empowering healthy family formation worldwide.&nbsp Every Man Ministries helps churches develop, grow, and maintain strong men&rsquos communities that support the mission and vision of the local pastor and church.&nbsp&nbsphttp://www.EveryManMinistries.com

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