Lake Forest, CA – Saddleback Church will be launching their next Church to Church movement on April 13 with IGNITE 2013.&nbsp Featuring Kenny Luck (Author, Saddleback&rsquos Pastor of Men and founder of Every Man Ministries) as the Keynote Speaker, this inaugural event will kick off a movement that will begin in the nine Southern California and twelve International Saddleback Churches as well as a worldwide network that reaches nearly every denomination through live events and video on demand.

&ldquoModern culture has yet to see what God can do through a spiritually empowered community of men out of a local church who are yielded aggressively, cohesively, and visibly to His purposes,&rdquo explains Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.&nbsp &ldquoI believe God has called the men of Saddleback Church to model the process and show the power of spiritually strong men for a waiting world. Our men are fully capable of leading the way, modeling a movement, and waking up the sleeping giant of today&rsquos world&mdashGod&rsquos men in the local church.&nbsp We know what to do and how to do it. IGNITE 2013 is the ministry launch of the next great season of men&rsquos lives in our church which will explode out to the world. &rdquo

Since its infancy, Saddleback Church has made it a priority to launch church to church ministries when a great need is discovered, such as the Purpose Driven Movement, Celebrate Recovery and the Small Group movement.&nbsp These tested models have become the blueprint for churches and ministries worldwide to have the resources they need to meet the needs of their communities and challenge their members to become vibrant disciples of Christ.

IGNITE 2013 is the catalytic event connected to the Sleeping Giant movement, which is already detonating a ripple effect of health in Christian men.&nbsp Simply put, when Christian men become healthy, there is less suffering in the world.&nbsp Once these &ldquopain points&rdquo are exposed, men of the church are enabled and empowered to fix those things that culture breeds that need to be fixed.&nbsp By starting first at a family and church level, then growing into a local, national and global movement, healthy men who are focused on living the work of Christ will change the landscape of justice and cultivate a worldwide conscience.

&ldquo2000 years ago a super-explosion rocked the world.&nbsp God filled a small group of men with his Spirit, they stood together at a specific moment in time, and it was clear to the watching world that something had gotten into them,&rdquo explains Kenny Luck.&nbsp &ldquoIn a way never before seen, they began to turn the broken male culture of their day on its head.&nbsp The watching world, including the women and children connected to these men, were shocked by what they saw and experienced. What exactly did they see? What was the response?

&ldquoMen stopped competing and started connecting.&nbsp Men aggressively pursued God&rsquos purposes and couldn&rsquot get enough of His Word. Men began reducing the loads of others versus burdening them.&nbsp They began raising the spirits of others versus bringing them down.&nbsp They began relieving pain versus creating suffering.&nbsp God&rsquos men began reaching souls and transforming lives by the thousands.&nbsp This massive, unexplainable move of God upon men ignited a revolution called Christianity and birthed Western Civilization.&rdquo

Featuring general sessions and breakout workshops covering a variety of issues facing men today, IGNITE 2013 promises to inspire Christian men to stand together as the men of the early church did, making a strong decision to be loyal brothers, servants and messengers of God.&nbsp Now, just as in the book of Acts, men are gathering and igniting for the glory of God.&nbsp

IGNITE 2013, Featuring Kenny Luck, comedian Jason Earls and rock worship with The Ignite Band
Saturday, April 13th, 8:30am &ndash 1:00pm
Saddleback Church, Lake Forest Campus (Worship Center).&nbsp 1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Cost: $25 (Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack and all event materials)
Register at:
Or call 949-609-8350.

Kenny Luck is a men&rsquos expert, speaker, leader of leaders, an ECPA platinum award-winning author of the God&rsquos Man and Every Man series, pastor of men at Saddleback Church, and founder of Every Man Ministries which provides conferences, training, and resources to lead the men’s movement worldwide. He is available to speak to pastors and men&rsquos leaders nationally and internationally. At Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Luck leads 7,000 men participating in weekly small group gatherings. He has authored and co-authored 20 books, including the seminal book Sleeping Giant: No Movement of God without Men of God that is the proven blueprint for men&rsquos ministry: Every Man, God&rsquos Man, and the four books in the God&rsquos Man series: Risk, Dream, Fight and Soar. He and his wife Chrissy have three children.&nbsp


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