Youth Specialties offers a unique opportunity to reach Youth Leaders and youth group students.&nbsp For over 40 years Youth Specialties has worked alongside Christian youth workers of just about every denomination and youth-serving organization to have a strong and respected reputation among youth pastors.

Today, FrontGate Media released new volume discount packages for the popular YS&nbspUpdate and Student Newsletter offerings through Youth Specialties.&nbsp

&quotYouth Specialties is one of our go-to sources to directly reach youth pastors and parents of teens. Our campaign for Hooked: New Science on how Casual Sex is Affecting our Children gained excellent exposure through their email newsletters to parents and youth pastors resulting in a solid 1.75 and 2.2% click rate!&quot states Randall Payleitner, Marketing Manager for Moody Publishers.

&quotWhile marketing tours (Jeremy Camp, Kutless&hellip), I have found that the YS student email has been very effective. No where else does the youth pastor deliver my message directly to all their kids and youth group leaders. I find it to be a great use of the budget.&rdquo according to Cheryl Anteau, President of SouthSide Entertainment.

&quotOur goal was to introduce our Christian adventure camp to youth pastors. During the week we were included, our website saw an extra 500 hits, which I fully attribute to the YS newsletter. This is over 5% response, which is remarkable for an email campaign.&quot reported Rob Loafman, Director of Wilderness Cove Adventure Camp.

For more information about FrontGate Media’s new Youth Specialties Volume Discount Packages, see the PDF attached to this article.