Orange County, CA &ndash FrontGate Media the leading faith-based, pop-culture media &amp marketing group, announced today an agreement with MobileGive.us to provide text-based, mobile fundraising strategy and services to the faith-based market.&nbsp

According to the Mobile Giving Foundation,&nbspan astonishing $30 million has been raised for Haiti relief via text donations. That’s a six-fold increase over all of 2009. With 3.6 billion worldwide text message subscribers and more than 60% reported as &quotactive texters,&quot mobile fundraising has quickly emerged as a critical part of an overall fundraising strategy for non-profits of any size. The ability to connect with audiences at the moment of emotional engagement has proven to be most effective through mobile text messaging (SMS). &nbspSMS texts have an estimated 90% or more read rate and offer a highly secure environment for communication without suffering the spam issues that plague email. In fact, McAfee reports that spam constitutes fully 92% of all email.&nbsp

FrontGate Media&rsquos partnership with MobileGive.us combines the media reach and marketing experience of FrontGate with MobileGive&rsquos deep expertise in mobile fundraising.&nbsp The resulting partnership enables ministries, charities, and churches to make an immediate leap of growth in both experience and in utilization of one of the top mobile giving platforms available.&nbsp

Services offered include Text2Give, Text2Pledge, Text2Screen and Text2Broadcast (on award-winning MobileCause platform).&nbsp Text2Give enables organizations to receive $5 or $10 text donations via cell phone. Text2Pledge allows anyone with a cell phone and a credit card to make a pledge of ANY amount. Text2Screen is a simple way to create a mobile poll, hold contests, and send shout-outs or prayer requests to a screen. Text2Broadcast allows organizations to build their own mobile list. Online giving widgets are included as well.&nbsp

Current clients include: CoAid.org, Project AK-47, Fireproof Ministries, Gospel for Asia, Answers in Genesis, Liquid Church, Union Rescue Mission, AKIRFA,&nbsp XXXchurch.com, Love146, McPadden for Congress, Audubon Society RI, Sophie’s Voice Foundation, ABikes.org, Illinois Bible Institute, New Life Media, My Broken Palace, as well as churches including Oasis Church, New Life Church, and Destiny Metro. More information about these services can be found at www.FrontGateMedia.com/MobileGive.&nbsp

&ldquoIt&rsquos this simple: I like seeing charities increase their revenue. As a media group, we have been consistent in our execution to be technologically relevant. MobileGive&rsquos expertise and services equip us with the ability to serve any charity and increase their revenue stream.&rdquo states Scott A. Shuford, CEO of FrontGate Media.&nbsp

&ldquoAfter watching FrontGate Media for the last few years, I have seen their great reputation and reach in the faith-based market.&nbsp MobileGive brings a new dimension to FrontGate and I couldn&rsquot be more excited.&rdquo says Steve Shepherd, CEO of MobileGive.&nbsp

About MobileGive.us:
MobileGive.us founder, Steve Shepherd, has 20 years experience in Christian media and publishing. Shepherd has spent the last two years developing platform strategies and the web site for MobileCause, helping MobileCause become the leading software for mobile fundraising with hundreds of non-profits utilizing the platform.&nbsp MobileGive expands its role as a licensed MobileCause platform reseller to offer mobile expertise and custom solutions at the absolute lowest possible price with $0 set up and same-day turn around.

About FrontGate Media:
FrontGate Media is the largest pop culture media group &amp marketing service reaching the faith and family audience with 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, 600,000+ at events and in 45 million+ television households. The firm serves as both conduit and coach for brands and companies desiring to reach any and every demographic of faith-based consumers through promotional campaigns through its media group. FrontGate also provides social networking, public relations services and merchandise development. The company has been repeatedly honored by World Vision as their #1 emedia partner, and plays a key role in the success of non-profit organizations, publishers and authors, movie studios, record labels and artists and more seeking &ldquocreative &amp emerging media&rdquo outlets.&nbsp The company was recently featured in Adweek as an authority on the &ldquoRole Of Religion In Modern Consumer Culture.&rdquo