ORANGE COUNTY, CA &ndash Extra Mile Merch, a full-service merchandise development and screen-printing company, has launched to design and manufacture custom apparel and accessories lines for ministries and movements, brands and bands, artists and authors, companies and conferences.&nbsp Featuring a team of fashion savvy designers and creative experts in fabrics, embroidery and printing, Extra Mile Merch (EMM) comes out of the gate having already achieved significant success for its clients.

Extra Mile Merch are experts in solution-driven manufacturing developing custom strategies and lines whether clients need only a well-designed but low cost giveaway shirt for promotional uses, or a consumer-driven retail line that will sell in any space.&nbsp The company is driven by an internal commitment to create garments that will actually be worn by real world consumers rather than finding a home on a hanger away from the light of day.&nbsp EMM will also print or manufacture existing designs while walking clients through their options for garment selection and printing.

Not merely screen-printing logos on shirts, Extra Mile Merch is able to create a full-scale line of merchandise including shirts, hoodies, beanies, accessories, jewelry and custom items.&nbsp The company is also proud to offer screen-printing, drop shipping, fulfillment and web store creation.

The company has already achieved early success with line development has already generated an impressive client list including the tween/teen brand iShine, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, DCLA 2009, B. Reith, Robert Pierre, God Rocks!, The Rubyz, Matt Brouwer, Paige Armstrong, Jamie Grace, and ConversantLife, as well as various churches and general market organizations including the hip-hop dance crew the Groovaloos, winners of NBC&rsquos Superstars of Dance.

Kathy Douglas, CEO of Indie Extreme Inc., and Artist Manager states &ldquoExtra Mile Merch designed a merch line for Matt Brouwer&rsquos fall tour that has increased his sales per person at our concerts by 50%!&nbsp We recommend that everyone follow Scott&rsquos advice and ideas for a successful merchandise line for your concert table!&rdquo

Troy Collins of iShine has already had a similar experience. &ldquoExtra Mile Merch took the time to understand our brand and our artists, then hit a home run with initial comps.&nbsp The clothing they said would sell, did.&nbsp It&rsquos that simple.&rdquo

Gotee recording artist B. Reith also found success with Extra Mile, &ldquoNewly signed to Gotee, I was happy to be on tour with TobyMac, Relient K and Family Force 5, but didn&rsquot expect to sell much merch when compared to my tour mates, but we sold out of our initial run of Extra Mile Merch&rsquos designs and had to reorder.&rdquo

Having co-founded the clothing and film lifestyle company Truth Soul Armor, Scott Brinson built Truth into the largest Christian-owned clothing brand in the U.S.&nbsp Brinson&rsquos experience includes clothing design, music, film, internet, product development and retail. He has a hands-on understanding of the intersection of faith and pop culture and has been responsible for creating successful merchandise offerings for many youth movements including Promise Keepers&rsquo youth division and Youth For Christ&rsquos &ldquoAcquire The Fire&rdquo brand.

Scott A. Shuford connects the dots between organizations and the faith-based consumer audience. Shuford&rsquos FrontGate Media has been featured in Adweek, and since 2002 has grown into the #1 pop-culture media group reaching the Christian audience through online sites and events with 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, 600,000+ at live events and in 45 million television households.&nbsp&nbsp

Extra Mile Merch has a passion to create increase for others.&nbsp Scott Brinson reflected on this desire, &ldquoAfter creating my own consumer lines for many years, I felt God&rsquos call to take this experience and serve other companies and ministries. With Extra Mile, we want to help them increase their effectiveness and generate more revenue to fund their efforts.&rdquo

Extra Mile Merch provides free &ldquoBrandstorm&rdquo consultations. Contact the company through or call 949-429-1000.&nbsp Pictures of Extra Mile Merch creations are available by request.

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For more information about Extra Mile Merch, please contact:

Lori Lenz
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