Lake Forest, CA &ndash Every Man Ministries continues to equip churches across the world to engagewithand meet the needs of the men in their midst.&nbspFounded by men&rsquos expert Kenny Luck, Every Man Ministries has ignited a generational movement to reach the community of men who are affiliated and attending church but remain unactivated and unnoticeable in their social and spiritual missions in the world.

SOAR, the capstone fourth book completing the God&rsquos Man Series (WaterBrook Press/Random House) challenges dormant Christian men head on, empowering them to reject living lives of apathy and encouraging them to live as powerful agents of social and spiritual health.&nbspFollowing on the heels of the earlier series titles Risk, Dream and Fight, SOAR is for men who desire to create a positive blast zone of influence, and in the process, deliver God&rsquos justice and compassion in their worlds to people in desperate need of relief, encouragement, and help.

In the face of Newsweek&rsquos recent cover story &ldquoMan Up&rdquo (, and the controversial piece &ldquoThe End of Men&rdquo in The Atlantic earlier this summer (, many discussions are taking place on just how men are losing their hold on society.&nbspSOAR is the Christian church&rsquos relevant and strong answer to the global conundrum about the state of manhood at a time where there is much chatter and noise in the world about just what is wrong with men.&nbsp

Sadly, in most discussions of manhood, we hear only a defensive response with no real answers, only problems.&nbspEvery Man Ministries and SOAR take the problems head on, right at the root of the issue:&nbspmen need to defy their cultural identity and shift their thinking to embrace a spiritual identity, an identity that fosters healthy responsibility for the people they influence.

&ldquoThe answer to broken male culture worldwide is not legislating more paternity leave, returning to the wilderness, or banging the retro-sexual drum until we all feel better about ourselves,&rdquo explains Kenny.&nbsp&ldquoThe answer is a revolution of the heart that creates the moral courage necessary to defeat cultural versions of manhood that, when adopted, produce collateral suffering.&nbspThis exact dynamic fueled the birth of the Christian church, created a strong grassroots movement of social and spiritual health, and became a phenomenon that the watching world could not deny.&nbspWe are standing on the precipice of a similar wave, a spiritual movement among men in and through the church.&rdquo

Last week, this point was proved in a big way when Kenny was a guest on Salem Talk Radio&rsquos flagship Los Angeles station KKLA. As a guest on the evening drive &ldquoFrank Pastore Show,&rdquo listener response was so intense that Kenny&rsquos segment was lengthened to the show&rsquos full 3 hours.&nbspThe day after the show, Pastore stated, &ldquoOver the past 7 years, we&rsquove never had a show like yesterday.&nbspI don&rsquot think I&rsquove ever gone almost all 3 hours with the same guest before, but yesterday was different.&nbspWonderfully different.&nbsp&nbsp The phone lines were melting with men and women, nearly every one of them reliving the deep pain of relationships gone bad.&nbspMuch like the infected scab that needs to be removed before healing takes place, yesterday exposed many of those wounds. Many, for the first time, began to own their &ldquostuff.&rdquo&nbspI believe the cleansing and healing of the Holy Spirit moved within many hearts yesterday. Check that, I know He did.&rdquo

Kenny adds, &ldquoThere is an amazing human interest story here of the woman who called in and the man listening to the radio (&hellipand many other men listening along with him) who heard her describe her journey with two husbands… I posted his response on the Discussions section of our Facebook fan page…he tells of listening to her describe him to a tee while she was actually describing the men who divorced her!&nbspI called the story:&nbsp&quotSusan Hits Dave in the Gut.&quot See

For the past 10 years, Kenny Luck has dedicated Every Man Ministries to the mission of revolutionizing men&rsquos ministry within the church, freeing men spiritually, and igniting spiritual health worldwide.&nbspThrough a vision for both man-to-man and church-to-church ministry, Kenny is dedicated to training pastors and leaders in the church to create an engaging, realistic model of deeper faith in Christ. While his books and seminars reach men individually on a man to man basis, his pastoral training and resources have equipped and connected churches together in the execution of Every Man&rsquos proven and tested strategy refined through his role as men&rsquos pastor at Saddleback Church and as the men&rsquos ministry voice in Rick Warren&rsquos Purpose Driven Church network. Kenny Luck has created a proven, intelligent, and intentional men&rsquos ministry systemorganized out of the church to provide muscle and passion to reach, relate to and re-ignite men, equipping them to live out God&rsquos purposes for their lives.&nbspIn his own Saddleback Church, over 7,000 men are connected in weekly groups that provide support, accountability and challenge.

Early comments on Soar:

&lsquoSoar offers a timely word for men looking to develop spiritual depth. I strongly encourage men everywhere to allow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as outlined in this material, to lead them into a powerful, more meaningful relationship in Christ.&rdquo
&ndash Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder and senior pastor, The Potter&rsquos House
&ldquoI love this quote from Soar: &lsquoThe Holy Spirit is in you to change the way you think about everything.&rsquo&nbspI pray you will let God use this book to start making some of those changes.&rdquo
&ndash Dino Rizzo, lead pastor of Healing Place Church and author of Servolution
&ldquoAnytime you can get your hands on a Kenny Luck book you&rsquore in for challenge and change. Soar, the latest addition to Kenny&rsquos series of masculine, streetwise theology, is no different. It&rsquos bold, unvarnished truth&hellip&rdquo
&ndash Dave Brown, director and pastor-at-large, Washington DC Area Coalition of Men&rsquos Ministries (WACMM)
Kenny Luckis a men&rsquos expert: speaker, author, and the men&rsquos pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He is also the founder and president of Every Man Ministries which helps churches worldwide develop and grow healthy men&rsquos communities. He is an award-winning author and has authored and coauthored 18 books, including Every Man, God&rsquos Man, and the three previous books in the God&rsquos Man series: Risk, Dream, and Fight. He and his wife, Chrissy, have three children.
Founded by Kenny Luck, Every Man Ministries is dedicated to revolutionizing men&rsquos ministries.&nbspThrough their brand of spiritual health resources, Every Man Ministries continues to ignite spiritual health worldwide through a Man to Man and a Church to Church movement.&nbspEvery Man Ministries creates continuity and consistency that is locally driven and culturally applied.&nbsp&nbsp

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